Idamange Ryamugwiza Yvonne: “…How long are you going to lead us with a dead Kagame?” (Part III)

“I am coming with a mission to assist you (Rwandans). I told you that even if it becomes necessary to die for you to have peace, I will.”

Idamange Iryamugwiza Yvonne is a Rwandan human right activist who, from Rwanda, published a series of youtube videos, starting from January 31 up to February 15, 2021, the day when the Rwandan Investigative Bureau (RIB) arrested her. This is Part 3 of her last video published on her last day of freedom. Please read through the transcript, from the 20th min of the video to the 30th min. By the time of this writing, she had already appeared in court where she denied all the accusations. The court will pronounce its verdict this week.

Joy, Rwigema’s sister, how did she die? Someone who fought for the country! A Rwanda’s hero! (Rwigema) But what you found worth rewarding him with is killing his sister, a mysterious death, and also ordering people not to honour him by their presence at her funeral. You are villains. Of the refined species. You are villains of the worst species. Even Jacques Musemakweli, him as well, you just killed him, finished him. Your agents, one can know them by their deeds… Could you stop your killings? You have now to stop. You refused to stop, further to our friendly request. But this time right now you have to stop your killing in Rwanda. Enough is enough. I cannot even call genocide your killings, I cannot call it a massacre, it’s something else difficult to name. You take people and imprison them in dark houses, at Chez Gacinya, you torture them using hammers, etc. The Rwandan children’s tears have reached the Heavens. They have shocked and shaken the Heavens. Today you are not going to fight against the Rwandans. You are going against God the Creator. I order you to release God’s tribe for it to be free. Now it’s the final trumpet. That’s the end. That’s the end. That’s the end. 


You’ve exceeded everything (in your brutality). Passed the red lines. However, those red lines that I don’t know the nature, it’s you who go far beyond them. It’s you who go beyond them. Then you used institutions such as CNLG to accuse me of belittling genocide. You will also eat thorns, thinking that you are eating pumpkins! You warn me that I climbed a tree prohibited to climb. That tree can be climbed. If others don’t climb it, I did it to show them that I could climb it. I wanted to show them that I could climb it. There is no tree that God cannot climb. He is the only most powerful in the universe.

I am going to tell you something else, that many started asking me, that I stated that Rwanda was like a country without a leader, what did I mean? That’s the naked truth. It’s that truth I am going to explain. I know many are curious. I indeed announced that Rwanda was like a country without a leader. Now I am going to give out the details. Rwandans, you are funny people. You people, if you look around carefully, could you conclude saying that this country has a president? Has it a leader? In your understanding, don’t you see that the person in charge has died long ago? He has ended. We are led by a dead body. Listen, we are fed up with being led by Kagame’s body. We are fed up. We are fed up. Us, we are alive, no dead body leads living people. Please carry your leader’s body, and find where you could bury it. Alternatively, do whatever you like; that’s not my business. It’s yours, but stop using a dead body to lead a country. Please stop. Those fake videos you bring up all the time, showing him here and there and saying that you saw him, has he become “Kibonumwe?” (the one who can be seen by only one person at a time).


Do you know how long that happened? I know very well. I know that very well. I also heard a priest saying the same news; other people mentioned that information, but all of them announced it while I knew it well from the source. I have the real facts about his death, which aren’t rumours because the way I got hold of that information I cannot tell you, but I have it. Kabarebe, take responsibility and let access to those secrets. We are also pleading with you, I am pleading with General Kabarebe, you are among the people who fought for the country, you wanted to free people, so they could be free and have peace. General Kabarebe, make public those secrets. How long are you going to keep them? How long are going to lead us with a dead Kagame? Daily using your handyman slave Christophe Barore, doing fake interviews with the dead… (aaahhhhh) We are fed up. Stop. Stop. We were once led by a living president. A ghost has to go and lead other ghosts. A ghost doesn’t lead living people. We are fed up. We are fed up. General James Kabarebe, I repeat for you. Take responsibility. At least, try to be a hero once in your lifetime, but rescue Rwandan children. Rescue Rwandan children. Reveal the truth. Will you fail to make public that your president is dead…(I don’t know)! How long will this situation continue this way?

Rwandan soldiers, I am not talking only to James Kabarebe, (but to you all) Rwandan soldiers, Generals, you others with different military ranks I don’t know – I cannot list them all – you have to know that you are Rwandan soldiers, country’s soldiers, you are not soldiers of the ex-president Kagame, not even RPF. You need to differentiate things. You are the national soldiers of the country called Rwanda. If you too don’t want to be seen as such, you should resign, or go and take care of your ghost of president. We cannot stay still with this critical situation. National police, you have to change priorities. You need to change. You need to change. You need to change. You need to change. National police, Rwandan soldiers, you need to address the situation and take action. You are Rwandan security forces. You work for the country, you aren’t a personal army of an individual. You must do something to bring peace to Rwandans. You must do something. We are waiting for you to do something and bring peace to Rwandans. We are fed up. We are fed up. We don’t want a dead body. We cannot continue this way. You need to do something. All those in charge of security everywhere, you need to do something.

His wife (Janet Nyiramongi) didn’t want to announce his death. His children refused to make it public. And in the end, what will happen? Will we continue to be led by a ghost? The dead body should go to lead ghosts. It should go to lead ghosts. Us we are alive, we don’t get led by a ghost. We profoundly denounce a malicious government spreading divisions and discriminations among people, to antagonise them, while pursuing their selfish interests, to cover up their deeds.

I am upstanding. I came with a mission, Medi and Persi groups, your time is ending. In truth, let me tell you: your time is ending. Let me repeat for you. It ends. While advising you, take action and correct what needs mending, but truly you should resign. Resign. Resign. We don’t need you to lead us. We don’t need fake leaders, YES MAN leaders. Yesman leaders, who are worthless for the country. Those aren’t leaders. You are not delivering anything. No performance at all. Those aren’t leaders. Let me tell you truthfully. The country we live in you are playing in it you Rwandans. You don’t know what type of country it is. This country is a country of thieves. It’s a country led by thieves, villains, we are in hell. We are sitting in hell. We are lucky that Heavens protects us from being burnt. (…) We are lucky that Heaven protects us from being burnt, but we are sitting in hell. If you could become aware of the things these people do, if this was possible, we would flee the country immediately. However, we will never go into exile again, instead them, they should seek ways to leave. Them, they should leave the country.


They resorted to harassing me using social media, because they saw me threatening them; all the things I said I didn’t make them straightaway crystal clear for everyone, while they were wondering from where I got the information I shared. Wondering why I wasn’t afraid. They decided to harass me on social media. When they saw that their intimidation didn’t work out as expected, they decided to come and bribe me into silence. You are foolish instead. They took a resolution to buy me. But, Idamange, that they don’t know who sent her, them not knowing my mission, could dare buy me? You are foolish. You’ve bought many in the past. Me I am not a sellable product. I have a recording. I have it. I have it. They sent someone called Bamporiki ( an MP). He came to my house twice. He came on Thursday and he came back on Saturday. All those days he begged saying that he wanted to talk to me, but I refused.


Saying that the Rwandan government is wondering what you want for you to keep quiet. They want me to be silent. Thus the reward would be for me to keep quiet. They want me to keep silent, and Rwandans continue with their suffering. Whatever you want, tell us, but we would want you to keep quiet. Do you know what I told them? I told them to be cursed by the Heavens. Even Boti when they wanted to take him away to a different place, he told them that selling his land to be cursed by the Heavens. Me too I told them: “That it be cursed to play over the blood of Rwandan children.” I am coming with a mission to assist you. I told you that even if it becomes necessary to die for you to have peace I will. I stood up knowing well the level of your suffering. Also knowing all the plans of the evil government.


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