Idamange Iryamugwiza Yvonne: Our hearts are rotten… Killing our people, day in day out. (Part II)

Idamange Iryamugwiza Yvonne is a Rwandan human right activist who, from Rwanda, published a series of youtube videos, starting from January 31 up to February 15, 2021, the day when the Rwandan Investigative Bureau (RIB) arrested her. This is Part 2 of her last video published on her last day of freedom. Please read through the transcript of the second part, from the min. 10.00 of the video to the min.20.00.

Having said that they use the genocide to sell the remains of our relatives to the world, where did I lie about that truth? Which normal person doesn’t know that Rwandans, the Rwandan government, the government of thieves which rules us, sells our relatives’ bodies and the remembrance sites (Inzibutso)? Who doesn’t know that? Wasn’t it recently that they published a press release telling Rwandans and foreigners that, even if they cannot come and visit, they were invited to send funds to take care of the remembrance sites? Aaaahhhh… please tell such a lie to the people who don’t know you well. How come you bury with honour your dead and then make them rest in peace. Why didn’t you bury the bodies of our relatives and let them rest, but keep them in place at the remembrance sites? Instead, why don’t you put in those sites, the tools that were used to kill our people. iiiii… while they dehumanised us. People would come and visit the sites, and get informed that through those sites they would then learn that a genocide occurred in Rwanda, it would be a place where everyone goes to remember and brings flowers, without seeing the remains of our people, neither their bodies arranged on shelves as packs of sugar for sale. But why doesn’t that get to your nerves? Why don’t you sharpened your eyes to see? Why don’t you see? Haven’t Jewish people experienced a genocide? However, don’t they go and visit the remembrance sites? However, they don’t take and expose on shelves the bodies of their victims in the eyes of the public. Shouldn’t you bury our dead and get them rest in peace. Why shouldn’t you make our relatives rest in peace? iiiiii… That they can rest in peace. And stop from putting on shows – for people to believe….- Let me ask you, people – is there anyone who could wake up and say this, “I am sad I just remembered my relatives, then let me take some flowers to the grave of my people? How can they? Impossible. How? All those considerations frustrate us. Even if you see many people’s hearts silent, even if there are those that you use but who don’t know about your working, who are still ignorant, me I have got out of such ignorance, that the reason you say that I dehumanise the genocide. Karasira got out of such ignorance, that’s the reason you said that he too was dehumanizing it. Kizito had overcome such ignorance, that’s the reason you killed him. Therefore, we are fed up. And many others overcame that ignorance. 

We are fed up with these situations. I would like to tell you that, be it a genocide survivor, be it any other Rwandan, for me what matters the most, as long as they are native Rwandans, having Rwandan blood, I don’t want any of them to be oppressed, I don’t want none of them to be left behind, I don’t want any of them to have human rights of the second category. All of us need to become equal and have equal rights. Become equal. The problem with these people is their cruelty in dividing so many people. And when you aren’t sure about how to deal with us, you then encourage us to flee the country. Me I won’t consider that option, I told you. I will stay put here until you kill me or put me in prison. I don’t have any problem with that. I speak out while being one of your children. Therefore I know you well. If I am mentally disturbed – do you know that you don’t know anything nor have any common sense – if they had found out that I had minimised the genocide, harassing and insulting me on social media, why didn’t they arrest me and put me in prison, because that would’ve been a punishable offence, therefore they could’ve arrested me and put me in prison, and then go into court and argue my case. What they were doing aimed at silencing me. It’s because they found out that I was on a mission that I was accomplishing, – I came ready – I told you that I knew from which corners Issa would attack me, knowing as well from where Tobia would attack me. Nobody could dare to terrorise me. Because my commissioner is stronger than you are. He is stronger than you are. I love Rwanda. I love Rwandans. I told you that even if I shed my blood, please know that I dearly love Rwandans. I will never, at any day, I will never dishonour the oath to Rwandans and lose their trust. I will never. As you like, you could arrest me, you might kill me, or imprison me in your famous and dark safe houses where you kill people.

Let me now calm down and tell you the whole truth. Our hearts are rotten. Our hearts are rotten. You are killing our people daily. Killing our people, day in day out. You organise killings then you lie (about them). Instead, let me ask you, genocide survivors. If the government of this tiny group loves you, with a real deep love about us, genocide survivors – I would instead say that CNLG is useless; that institution has to close. That institution needs to close. I order it to close. It is useless. An institution that lies, that is there to support genocide survivors but do nothing. It has to close and leave the country because it is useless. Where do our people disappear? Please tell me. You all, please tell me. What don’t you know? Who doesn’t know how Rwigara Assinapol died? Is there any Rwandan who don’t know how he died? Wasn’t he killed by that same Mugisha who was also recently after me trying to kill me as well? Why don’t you get your sharpened understanding? What was the motive of killing Rwigara Assinapol? They put down his house; they did everything imaginable to make his family miserable, in total injustices. They imprisoned his family in our total indifference. Why can’t we understand? Why can’t we upgrade ourselves with knowledge? Where is Makonen? I am still asking you about him. Someone they said he drown in the lake Kivu; though that individual, the woman from Transparency who was insulting me, wasn’t he working for her? Wasn’t he working for her, Immaculate? Where did you take Makonen? Me I am not coming out insulting you because I have manners from my family, I am not a street child. I am not competing with you with insults. As you do. An old woman in charge of Transparency, who comes out, without knowing what you should be doing given your responsibilities, instead you spend your time insulting a person who could be your child, and doing that on social media? iiiiii… Where did Makonen go? As we know he was your employee. They say that he drown in the lake Kivu. We are fed up with all these everyday deaths. Where has gone Assiel Kabera? As I always tell you! Where is Iramata? I am asking you. What about Mirimo? He died recently, then they took him out of the grave for a mysterious autopsy. Stop your nonsense. Why didn’t they do it in due course? Didn’t they destroy his properties in daylight while everybody was watching, his wife becoming crazy in front of us, with her children.

Do you get it?

What haven’t you yet truly understood? Where has gone Rwabukamba? They said that he committed suicide. Was he hungry to end up shooting himself? You tortured him. Have you ever seen someone committing suicide with two bullets? How far will we go? They said about Mucyo that he slipped and died. Why haven’t we heard about anybody else dying from slipping? Such a lie has expired. And then not too far back, you looked down on us, dared and killed Kizito. I told you. On the day you killed Kizito, I got energised. Even if you kill Idamange, another one will emerge. You won’t silence us eternally or killing us. There will be a time when your plans will come to end. I even know that you won’t kill me. You killed so many, but there are those who are easy to kill, and others who are riskier. … I told you that there are cases which have huge consequences. Barak sent a messenger to Balam saying: “Go and curse God’s tribe. He went then instead of cursing them, he sought God’s help on their behalf. He said that after observing them he found out that the tribe in question was unique, a tribe which doesn’t mix with other foreign tribes. There is a tribe that is special. Let me tell you this: … I told you that when times will become difficult, I will come out and shoot you. I told you and you refused to listen. I am going to shoot. I am going to shoot. Free God’s tribe. That Rwandans live peacefully. Release Rwandans so they can become free. I am ordering you to release the God’s tribe. Release the God’s tribe. Release the  God’s tribe. Some go to discuss with… I will get to that. Release Release. Those that you’ve killed are excessively enough. Those that you killed you claim that they disappeared. Those that you made disappear are immensely enough. 

(She sighs)

Where is Bahati? Where is he? Where is he? People have disappeared. Do some disappear under the ground? Where do people who disappear end up here in Rwanda? Where do they go? That Transparency, what does it? Transparency Rwanda, I order you to close offices. We don’t need Transparency Rwanda anymore. What does it? What does it? What does it? It has never done a report saying that there was someone who disappeared, while knowing that the concerned victim was in the hands of the Rwandan government’s security forces. How many people have disappeared so far? You sit there in your offices, then get paid citizens’ taxes, waist Rwandans’ wealth uselessly while killing their children.


Enough is Enough. I am telling you, Enough is Enough. I repeat for your intention. Release the God’s tribe. Release the God’s bribe. Enough is Enough. Release Rwandans and let them free. You better be aware that it’s not the genocide survivors who get killed only. There is a person they killed recently by cutting his throat. This whole blood covering all your hands is going very soon to come out for you. It’s not survivors they kill only. Perhaps you, who came back with them, haven’t yet sharpened your vigilance and looked around, or you continue to support unconditionally the criminal small group, you too they are going to kill you and finish you. What happened to Alexa Mupende? A young girl to be killed for being loved? A so young girl to end up that way! Your doings are disgusting. 


Idamange Iryamugwiza Yvonne: “I cannot be patient anymore.” (Part 1)

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