Kigali had officially 39,000 Tutsis in 1991

Joweri Museveni and Paul Kagame, masterminders of the human tragedies of the last two decades of the Great Lakes region.

Joweri Museveni and Paul Kagame are the masterminders of the human tragedies of the last three decades in the Great Lakes region.

As they say truth liberates.

A saying which perhaps is today relevant to the situation of the Canadian journalist of “Rwando-Congolese” origin, Francois Bugingo.

He is in the Canadian and other news nowadays. He could’ve saved a multitude of lives including his own that he instead condemned through his lies.

This article is not about him but something else – truth – that journalists and people in the public life and institutions they represent are supposed to be expected to provide to the general public. Continue reading

Kanyabayonga [DRC], 25/05/15: Another complicit UN peacekeepers’ act of killing Rwandan refugees

Hutu refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo [then called Zaire] after the destruction/ shelling of their camp with mortars by the Rwandan Patriotic Army/Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation. This was in 1996. Nineteen years after, not much doesn't seem to have change except the time.

Hutu refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo [then called Zaire] after the destruction/ shelling of their camps with mortars by the Rwandan Patriotic Army/Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation. This was in 1996. Since that time RPA/RPF has become almost a US subcontractor in the region, for its geostrategic interests. Nineteen years after, not much doesn’t seem to have changed except the time. The Hutu Rwandan refugees are treated by UN and some FARDC and Kigali as not worth existing as human beings.

Africans should from now on get UN forces out of the continent. Everywhere they are, these forces have intervened so far, they are almost operating in complicity with imperialist powers and greedy locals to exterminate civilians so the beneficiaries can exploit available resources without interference of indigenous populations.

The tragic testimony of recently killed people and which is published by theRwandan is from an organisation – AFFERWAR-Duterimbere –  working with vulnerable members of the Rwandan refugee community living in undescriptible conditions of the Eastern provinces of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

S.O.S Rwandan refugees in Congo

During 2014 holidays I met outside Rwanda a number of survivor relatives from all over the world. We all after perillous journeys ended in different places. Some I hadn’t seen for years. I used to only see them online at particular occasions when their parents shared their pictures. As this was the first time in years I was going to be with them, I took with me a few gifts.

Seeing these children in the clip living in such indescriptable conditions made me almost cry, looking at their circumstances – living in Congolese forests.  I am Rwandan. They are Rwandans. They are from my community. I felt compelled to donate something. I went on the website and donated $15. That is what I could afford at the time. You could do the same, particularly if you are Rwandan.

The children need a roof for their classes. They need books and other school material. Their dedicated teachers demand as well some motivation and incentives to do more. But what everybody is looking for is hopefully that they will be one day able to go back to their country, as soon as the Rwandan political space is opened by the Rwandan regime of Paul Kagame.

A different book on Rwanda: “La bataille de Kigali.”

“La bataille de KIGALI tells the reader the role of major players in the crucial battle for the Rwandan capital city for ultimately Kagame to be able to stand tall in front of fellow Rwandans as in the picture.

I recently ordered and received the book titled “Rwanda: La bataille de Kigali.” It speaks to me in a particular way. It’s an untold story about the conquest of the Rwandan capital city KIGALI by the Rwandan Patriotic Front. I decided to buy the book because it talks of a period of my life when everything could’ve happened and got me killed. It was a time of war: April/July 1994. Continue reading

Needed UN or AU-led team to investigate Kagame’s killing of dissidents

Gitarama_prisonThis was the outcome of the hearing held at the US Congress on Wednesday 20/05/15, as announced by Chris Smith, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations.

The Globe and Mail reports that “Chris Smith, a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said an international team of investigators should be given “unfettered access” to government officials, logbooks and audio recordings to find out whether Rwandan death squads are killing dissidents in foreign countries.”

U.S. lawmaker seeks probe into alleged Rwandan government plots to kill dissidentsGeoffrey Ford

Diaspora Group Commends House Chairman for Urging Investigation into Rwandan Human Rights AbusesDavid Himbara