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Kagame refuses his political opponents to fly back home

ishemapartyLeaders of the Rwandan political party Ishema were on Wednesday 23/11 on their way back home, but instead found themselves blocked in transit at Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya.  Rwandan authorities demanded Kenya Airways not to allow them onboard on the flight they were meant to take from Nairobi to Kigali.
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Our Dad Is A Hero

By Francis Xavier Ndagabanye Muhoozi


Former Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana, one of four presidents (including Melchior NDADAYE, Cyprien NTARYAMIRA et Laurent-Desire KABILA) from the Great Lakes region of Africa who died victims of the coalition of the dictators Paul Kagame and Joweri Museveni and their US and UK sponsors.

22 years have passed when duty called. On that  06th day of April 1994, our dad General Juvenal Habyarimana answered the call.

When evil Museveni taught hatred, our Dad preached peace; when evil Kagame taught how to kill, our Dad talked peace; when evil Salim Saleh talked revenge, our dad taught unity; but when Museveni invaded Rwanda to kill, our dad answered to protect without hesitation or fear.

He didn’t ask what it would cost him,
He just saw a need that was clear.

A need to defend his country,
No matter what anyone else thought.
Despite back-stubbing from his own, our Dad went to the frontline.
Despite being despised by his own, our Dad stood firm and talked peace, and taught unity.
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Mandela then, Victoire today – The Start of a Movement

Saturday 31/01/2015 was a special day for Friends of Victoire, an organisation campaigning for the release of the Rwandan politician woman Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza imprisoned in Kigali since October 14th, 2010 and serving a 15 years sentence. Continue reading

Kagame’s repression continues: Mushayidi and Ntaganda on hunger strike

For several months, mainstream media focus in the Great Lakes region, if any, has been on the situation of war in Eastern Congo caused by M23, a rebel group backed by both Rwanda and Uganda. 

Besides the suffering of Congolese people who are victims of an indescribable tragedy inflicted by external interests for almost two decades, the continuing plight of Rwandan citizens under their president Paul Kagame, seems to loose concern in the preoccupations of many.

Though the pattern has always been similar each time he had internal issues difficult to address, – waging war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Rwandan president is finding himself stuck with M23. He must’ve thought initially that this one would be less daunting and easy to handle.

He embarked this time on the Eastern Congo military venture probably thinking that this would, as in the past, help cover up his repressive practices inside Rwanda. The tactic was also meant to distract those seeking reforms.

But as we all know, he has failed on both grounds. His crimes are more and more being exposed and decried wherever and whenever he commits them.

Part of that exercise of raising awareness on the Rwandan president’s oppressive practices is being pursued by members of political parties of the opposition operating from the country. Undeniably they are working under a context of ferocious terror from the regime’s operatives.

Bernard Ntaganda

Bernard Ntaganda

Jambonews has published in French a recent account of two Rwandan political prisoners: Bernard Ntaganda and Deo Mushayidi, both imprisoned leaders of PS-Imberakuri and PDP-Imanzi respectively. They decided to go on a hunger strike because of the inhumane conditions of detention they experience at Mpanga prison.

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On a sunny day in Boston…Rwanda Day 2012

By Jennifer Fierberg

There are people who understand more than others that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” That is nonetheless what Martin Luther King believed. Journalist Jennifer Fierberg is among those who are passionate for justice particularly in Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and the whole region of Central Africa. As she covered Rwanda Day Boston 2012, a two days event organised by the Rwandan government from Friday 21 to 22 September to showcase the country in US, I reproduce here her account of what happened. By the time of writing this note, her article about the event had already appeared on different online news outlets [Inyenyeri News and Salem-News]. Continue reading