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Rwanda withdraws unaccounted for forces from Eastern Congo

Rwandan troops leaving Goma in February 2009 after the joint force Rwanda-DRC completed its mission

It has been for long known as an open secret that, since 1998 when Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda coalition invaded the Democratic Republic of Congo for the second time, Rwandan forces did not totally withdraw from Eastern Congo. Continue reading

Kambale Musavuli gives a road-map for peace in the Congo

Kambale Musavuli reflecting on challenges his native DRC has to address to get sustainable peace

“…you have five forces working day in and day out to keep the Congolese people in bondage. It reminds me of South Africa. The government of the Congo does not represent the people and when you see what the Congolese have to face with these five tentacles (local Congolese elites, Rwanda/Uganda, UK/US, World Bank/IMF and multinationals). There has to be a global movement against these five forces to give the Congolese a fighting chance to transform their nation.”

In a long interview with journalist Jennifer Fierberg, Congolese activist and member of Friends of the Congo, Kambale Musavuli explains the situation in his country. He provides his understanding of Obama’s ineffective foreign policy towards DRC. He highlights the underlying stumbling blocs which maintain the status quo. In the past, African solidarity has helped preserve Congolese territorial integrity. KM thinks it can do more. I have selected and share here KM’s few reflections taken from his roadmap to Congolese peace. Continue reading

SADC tells Rwanda to stop immediately its interference in DRC and SADC

Southern African Development Community Heads of States at their 32nd Summit held in Maputo – Mozambique on August 18th, 2012

In an unusual move between African countries, Heads of states tell one of their own to behave. Africa Dictators online news outlet reported the story:

“Rarely do African heads of state publicly denounce one of their own – Kagame is so bad that it has come to this. The Rwandan autocrat’s isolation is bound to reach the African Union itself. South African Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma will shortly become the chairwoman of the African Union (AU) Commission. Paul Kagame was one of the most ferocious opponents of Dlamini-Zuma’s candidacy. Now her SADC region has fingered Kagame as a trouble-causer.” Continue reading

Friday 17.08.12: FDU-Inkingi and PS-Imberakuri public protest in Rwanda

This Friday 17th August, Rwandan and Congolese political opposition parties and civil society organisations introduced at the International Criminal Court at The Hague an official request to investigate Paul Kagame’s crimes against humanity and other atrocities with a genocide nature that his forces committed in Democratic Republic of Congo.  Continue reading

Arizona in the picture of massacres, and Fox news, CNN, MSNBC do not report the news

Imagine the entire state of Arizona is massacred, and the press keeps deliberately the news under wrap. Though again hypothetically that state might have in its soil unknown reserves of minerals very indispensable for US and other developed countries’ industries of automobile, aerospace, and technology, its people don’t seem to have much worth in comparison to what can be extracted from the land they live on.

American journalist, Jennifer Fierberg, whose work focuses on the Great Lakes region of Africa, invites US public to imagine what it would feel like if the Congolese tragedy was close to home.  I reproduce here one of her articles which first appeared on Salem-News site.

One has to wonder if the international community had asked the people of the Congo permission to mine their minerals without displacing, murdering and raping them what would their answer had been. Continue reading