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Keith Harmon Snow, from his preface to Patrick Mbeko book “Canada in the wars in Central Africa.”

Chief Commander of UN peacekeeping forces [MINUAR] during the Rwandan genocide – 1994

In the late spring of 1991 I crossed Uganda on a mountain bicycle and slipped into the eastern Congo, then known as Zaire. I was not interested in politics then, knew nothing about race relations or imperialism and, certainly, nothing about genocide. Africa was an adventure to find and experience life among-st tribal cultures and wildlife I’d seen re-presented in the National Geographic Magazine. After a few safaris in Kenya and Tanzania and after summit-ting Mount Kilimanjaro (covered white with glaciers at the time) and inspired by the portrayals of Africa I’d seen in the western media imagination, I set out for the “heart of darkness”: Zaire.  Continue reading

6/4/12 out of Kagame’s closet

A lot of water has passed under the bridge. But like truth despite the passing time, the latter stands still.

The remains of his aeroplane and bodies of both Burundian and Rwandan presidential teams on board fell down on his house near the international airport of Kigali [Rwanda].

I am here referring to the late Rwandan president Juvenal Habyarimana who was assassinated on 6/4/94, while returning from Tanzania where he had attended peace talks with his regional peers. Continue reading