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China: US malicious worries for Africa

A while ago I came across a book of which title was ‘If China had discovered America’.

One plausible hypothesis from that would be for example that instead of writing these lines in English and from London I would possibly be doing that in Chinese and based somewhere in China.

The global metropolis the world would be attracted to would be Beijing, Guangzhou or Shanghai and not Paris, New York or Rome.

Of course, most of the street signs we read in English in the Anglo-Saxon countries would be mainly if not all written in Chinese.

A recent surprise though was to see in London buses covered with ads written only in Chinese without any English word to tell people what these unusual signs meant apart from like pointing to the British public on such script as ‘We are Chinese. We have landed.’ Continue reading

Call to shame Abdoulaye Wade, Senegalese president

Something must be seriously wrong with some African leaders, particularly when they are approaching the end of their second term in power. Abdoulaye Wade, president of Senegal, 85, made me raise such issue.

Professor Horace Campbell explains Wade political hypocrisy in an article published on Pambazuka News site.

“At the 2007 conference of the African Union, Wade said, ‘If we fail to unite, we will become weak, and if we live isolated in countries that are divided, we face the risk of collapsing in the face of stronger and united economies.’ If you meant these words, step down now.” 

In recent years, the Senegalese president’s behavior has weakened his country’s stand among Africans as a model of democracy. By changing the democratic principles on which Senegal was so far built, Wade is isolating and making it look like a rogue state.

President Wade, by seeking a third term, though he had been an ardent advocate of peaceful political change, has put shame on the role that his country played in the eyes of many Africans.