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Everything being relative, Africa of the last 30 years is not much different from the one of 50 previous years. The general population has stayed poor in its majority, while a tiny fraction has emerged to become very wealthy, most of the times at the expense of the rest.

Starting with the new Millennium, Africa in general has been advancing towards its destiny geared by a positive spirit more than before. That’s has been the spirit of resilience.

All African sons and daughters and in all places across the world are gradually waking up to work and change the negative outlook the West has assigned to Africa from immemorial times.

Africans are counting on their new found determination to make a significant transformation in their lives primarily building on the strength within, becoming self-reliant, finding solutions in themselves before seeking help from outside.

Through this new journey started with the 21st century, there are challenges they have to face and overcome in order to progress. This blog is about some of those hurdles preventing their harmonious pace in moving forward.

But it is also about the victories, small or big, worth celebrating. Such moments give space to reflect on where we’ve come from and how far we have to go. It is refreshing and encouraging.

I’ve been involved with these issues for many years, talking on radios and televisions, writing articles, intervening at conferences, and highlighting the challenges faced by Africans trying to look positively towards their future.

Rising Continent is however also your platform. Please send us your pertinent views, analyses and facts related to Africa, and translating the spirit of needed change. In any format you are familiar with; we will assess how appropriate it is for this blog. We will share them with everyone reading our source of information.

Organising for Africa
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Contact us: risingcontinent@gmail.com


13 thoughts on “About us

    1. Jaap Kries, I want only to inform you that I am Ambrose Nzeyimana, editor of this blog. I am not surprised that you fall among the people who cannot stand the truth when confronted with facts. If you had any real argument against what you read, instead of becoming insane with unsubstantiated accusations, try to oppose contradicting facts, then we will have a more civilised conversation. I know when one has been fed with a certain narrative for a very long period of time, it is very disturbing to face cognitive dissonance.


  1. This is laughable – where is “the rising continent” on this blog that is a front for genocide ideology – the very kind of thinking that will SINK the continent. How do you raise the continent by throwing dirt at Rwanda – a country that is performing better than most. in Africa? Who do you think you are kidding? There are no lions on the move in these writings – just hateful dirty hyenas. Good luck on you despicable destructive mission.


    1. Wether laughing or not, it is everybody’s right. You are asking where is ‘the rising continent’ on this blog? I would return you the question, where is lyavule (if this is your name) in your comment? The rising continent is characterised by many aspects. By not highlighting those that the blog has so far covered I don’t think anyone would be doing any good to the continent. Because they are the ones which don’t allow it to get off the horizons effectively. As for the blog being a front for genocide ideology, if calling for an end to impunity of criminals whoever they could be is not right, then there is no shame in any characterisation of the blog. Like it or not, lions are on the move. But you noticed well they are not moving as they would’ve liked. They are momentarily preoccupied by dirt in their way that they need to clear first.


  2. Thanks for your blog as it indeed means a lot for those who will have time to read it! You need to write more as you fully understand the key question in that region! Komerezaho!


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