Paul Kagame destined to be haunted by 1994 ghosts

There is a saying in the Rwandan culture which claims that when dead are not buried properly and their spirits not taken care of, they come back to haunt the living.

To the victims

poetry publicationWhat is the purpose of a memorial? In lay terms, it is to remember. Let’s take the following path and ask this other related question: how many victims are out there without memorials? Plenty. Perhaps millions. Below is a poem which was inspired by the story a Jewish memorial which in 1996 was being built in Washington DC. It is part of a collection written over several years. Continue reading

Former Rwandan president Habyarimana’s daughter points at the divisive practices in Rwanda [2]

So full that detainees have today to be handcuffed on windows. US, UK and other Kagame's foreign partners should be ashamed of supporting a such abject regime.

So full that detainees have today to be handcuffed on windows. US, UK and other Kagame’s foreign partners should be ashamed of supporting a such abject regime.

Given a background of impunity for perpetrators of crimes, injustice, intolerance, unspoken, exclusion and social inequality, how could a population that has not yet mourned its dead engage in genuine reconciliation?” Marie Rose Habyarimana.

In this section of the interview given by Marie Rose Habyarimana of which the publication is ongoing in different parts, the daughter of former Rwandan president Juvenal Habyarimana highlights some of the practices under the regime of President Paul Kagame that contribute to irrevocably making difficult any effort of reconciliation among Hutus and Tutsis.

The interviewee describes the origins of those practices and the nature of their manifestation in the everyday life of Rwandans. Continue reading

Marie Rose Habyarimana explains and gives her views [1]

Former Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana

Former Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana

“God saw fit to equip other countries with natural resources. But for Rwanda, peace is our greatest wealth.” Former Rwandan president Juvenal Habyarimana

In a long interview [to be published in several parts] that I had with Marie Rose Habyarimana, one of the daughters of former Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana, she explains comprehensively and bring a new light on a number of issues that many interested parties, eager to tarnish purposely the image of her father, misrepresented for long giving a distorted image of the Rwandan society under the second republic. She also shades a picture of what made Rwanda experience stability with its neighbors during that period. Finally she gives advice to all those who want to bring change in her country and a particular message to the younger generation.

In the following section Marie Rose talks about the political climate prevailing in Rwanda and neighbouring Burundi at the time of the military coup of July 5th 1973. She then goes on highlighting what president Habyarimana did to bring peace and stability and particularly economic development which overall focused on increasing the well being of rural populations.   Continue reading


Rwanda: a student sets himself on fire

By Jane Mugeni

Courtesy - JambonewsOur correspondent in Kigali, Rwanda tells us that Tuesday, 29, July, a Rwandan student tried to set himself on fire near the roundabout in the Rwandan capital. The interventions were fast so that the victim could be saved in extremis. The police were on the scene and confiscated the pictures taken by journalists.  It also led the student victim, who were severely burnt to the Kigali Central Hospital.

Visitors from all sides rushed to visit the sick and to inquire about the situation. Rwandan security services who did not want nothing to filter about the motives of this immolation, transferred the sick. By the time of writing this note, the victim has been moved to the police hospital of Kacyiru [this is the same hospital back in 2010 where members of FDU-Inkingi who had been beaten by the police had been mistreated instead of receiving medical assistance].

All these measures taken by the security services follow what the victim would have written a letter in which he justifies his action to end despair that many Rwandans experience daily, injustices in all aspects of national life they confront, and famine ravaging villages without the authorities being moved at all by the misery of the peasant population.

This sacrifice is not the first one in Rwanda. Sadiki Mutabazi, a young Rwandan 18, set himself on fire in Rubavu [Gisenyi] in May 2012.

These spectacular acts of despair are only a tip of the iceberg. Despite the official rhetoric that Rwanda is the newly found heaven on earth, there are many in Rwanda who live this humanity quietly, without making a particular statement to the world. People should ask themselves what a government does to its people in terms of policies in place to make them hate living and commit suicide.

When I initially heard about the story I thought it was Kagame’s tactics again of burning properties and lives, then pretending it was somebody else to be blamed. Though it is known that he strives in chaos, reason for him to create it when there isn’t enough around according to him. As many should know now, RPF’s authorities have since been killing people [for example, 2 years ago, more than 100 Hutu prostitutes were deliberated decimated in a very short period in Kigali, to leave that profession to Tutsi women only, this for political and business reasons]. The regime has as well been burning night clubs, warehouses, prisons, also for similar motives. Thus when I first came across the immolation of that student, I could hardly detach myself from these other sinister events that RPF is responsible for in Rwanda, to analyse objectively his fate.