Let’s mobilise on 20/03/21 & FREE IDAMANGE, while Kagame has disappeared

Dear Rwandans, 
Dear friends of Rwanda.

The situation is critical. We cannot remain indifferent. Citizens are calling for help. Let’s not turn a deaf ear, only our mobilization will enable us to change the course of history.

Mrs Yvonne IDAMANGE has been in death-prone prison since February 15, 2021 for denouncing notorious injustice, serious violations of the most basic human rights, premeditated political assassinations and many other injustices of all kinds.

Mrs IDAMANGE showed unparalleled courage and determination, in short, a Revolutionary Liberation movement

It is up to us, all together, to perpetuate this flame of hope so that it does not go out.

Faced with the suffering of Rwandans, sadness and anger are no longer enough. We must act, act FAST and RESOLUTE. So, on March 20, 2021, you and I, our neighbours, our children, our friends, let’s mobilise from 4:00 p.m. Kigali time.

Let’s mobilize to manifest our revolt.

Let’s mobilize to cry out our indignation.

And the world will understand and realize the extent of this tragedy which is still raging in silence, in Rwanda, far away from the mainstream media radars.

This protest will take place in 14 countries and more than 20 major cities on the 4 corners of the globe simultaneously, at the same time.

In the streets, in front of ministries, embassies, international institutions and in other strategic and respectful organisations worldwide.

Let us make heard the voice of the voiceless, the voice of the helpless and that of the people crying for help!

Let’s stop what we can prevent; laisser-faire would become a betrayal.

I. We demand from the Inkotanyi RPF and its President Paul Kagame to:

1. Release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience;
2. Stop targeted assassinations;
3. Put an end to regional destabilization;
4. Open political space in Rwanda;


II. Demand from funders
to put an end to the financing of a regime which kills, dispossesses its people, and refuses any political dialogue with its opponents;


III. We demand from Rwanda’s partner countries
1.To take economic and disciplinary sanctions against members of the RPF killer regime and their acolytes;
2. To demand a frank and unconditional political dialogue between the ruling RPF and the internal opposition political parties and in exile.

IV. Ask the international community and the UN
1.To set up an independent international criminal tribunal to try those responsible for the crimes documented in the Mapping Report because we cannot build peace without truth and justice.
2. To put pressure on the RPF regime in power in Kigali to release all political prisoners, by opening up the political space and putting in place all the conditions necessary for the return of refugees and transparent elections.

Each country, each city, will be able to organize itself by adapting to the constraints of the places and political contexts relating thereto.


In France, in addition to showing the true face of the RPF on our placards, President Macron will be asked about the motivations that push him to be in solidarity with a criminal regime that oppresses its people.
No ! A French President must not support a fierce dictatorship.

In Belgium

Rally in front of the European Commission, to urge European decision-makers to vote sanctions against this regime which does not respect human rights, kills, imprisons and drives its people into exile.

In the United Kingdom

Ask how and why to hold the next Commonwealth meeting in Rwanda, alongside the RPF regime which flouts the fundamental values ​​of the Commonwealth!
Going to Kigali is to insult the memory of all those who fought for democracy, it is also to tarnish the principle of respect for human rights.

To the media

May they be courageous in revealing to the world what is happening in Rwanda, as AL Jeezira did recently.

The Public is our partner.

Let it share our messages on our signs, our t-shirts, and so on.

On our placards, let us not forget to demand the release of Mrs Idamange, Rusesabagina and other political prisoners and those of conscience and bring BAHATI back.

And to launch a search notice of President Paul Kagame, who disappeared from his leadership role of Rwanda since MARCH 2020.


What is your opinion about this?

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