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Rwanda: identity and politics

Source: Rwanda: identity and politics

AID perpetuates western imperialism

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AID perpetuates western imperialism


Dr Joseph Nkusi, Rwandan blogger who was unlawfully deported to Rwanda from Norway.

In an interview I had with Press TV back in 2013 as member of a panel including Esther Stanford Xosei, I explained how AID was a continuation of western imperialism. In many places, despite several decades after the official end of colonialism in the 60s, – this occurred with declarations of independence in many African countries -, there hasn’t been much change in standards of living of the majority of indigenous people.

During the interview I even suggested to leave Africa alone so the continent could find its own solutions to its problems. My logo hrwconviction is that when confronted with adversity, human beings are strongly resourceful. Throughout history, there are numerous examples where nations have proven their ingenuity in the face of difficult situations. And the claim of AID of contributing to anybody’s development is simply flawed, because none of those today’s characterised as developed used it to get where they are. Continue reading