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Milton Allimadi on Museveni’s genocides in East and Central Africa

It could be rightly argued that western attitudes towards the most criminals in power in the Great Lakes region of Africa are of racist nature. Yes they are in the sense that African lives don’t matter.

It is hardly understandable that millions of Africans could be killed systematically by local political and military leaders, without the so called “civilized nations of the planet” raising their voices to get the criminals in front of a court of justice.


UK-based Congolese demanding Kabila to leave power

This is on December 19th, 2016 in front of the embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo in London. Congolese president Joseph Kabila had failed to organise elections but instead manoeuvred to postpone them to 2018.

DRC: Ending the long overdue era of transitional governments

Patrice Lumumba

58 years after, the struggle continues. We are going to fight for the heart of Africa until death. Picture courtesy BK Kumbi

Starting from December 19th, 2016 the Democratic Republic of the Congo is at a crossroad. Either the country continues with the endless era of transitional institutions, which started with the period of independence in the 60s, or breaks from the past and pursues a radical path where Congolese fundamental laws and their related legal frameworks prevail.

Once in the country’s history, a great opportunity has risen with the end of the terms in office of the incumbent president Joseph Kabila, for Congolese to reclaim back what is theirs, meaning their country which by international decree is under foreign occupation; they can regain their dignity, decide about their destiny and through that the overall future of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
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Fake famine in Nigeria


Nigeria mapThe United Nations says there is an impending famine in Borno province of Nigeria. According to various aid agencies 75 000 children are at risk of starvation. Save the Children will be asking for aid donors to raise $1.2 billion at the next UN humanitarian appeal to be held in Geneva.

They are likening the potential crisis in scale to the Biafran famine of the late 1960s which was the first African famine to be brought to the TV screens of the world . The media showed horrifying pictures of skeletal children in what became the birth of poverty-porn and the rise of the NGO Industrial Complex that has been using our goodwill and money for corrupt purposes ever since. Today the soft-power tools of institutions like USAID, its British counter-part DIFD (UKAID) and the French version MSF, wield more power than any military force over their own governments and those of the numerous countries they currently occupy. Continue reading