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Senator Robert Krueger: a colossal mistake (Kagame at Yale)

Kagame personality iInspiring artists

Kagame personality in its particular characteristic of initiating and committing genocides in the Great Lakes region inspires artists. This is one of the results of his inspiration. At least once he won’t be around, his life will have served many purposes.

It is as if Hitler or Stalin were holding the elections.

He claims to now have democratic elections with numerous political parties having names on the ballot. But Kagame’s people count the votes and give him over 90 percent of those cast. Citizens, knowing they have no secret ballot, either do not vote, or for their own safety, cast their votes for Kagame. It is as if Hitler or Stalin were holding the elections. These elections are not secret or trustworthy; the populous votes as Kagame wants for fear of retribution.

Yet Yale has honored him. Those at Yale who invited Kagame should remember the famous admonition of a 19th-century head of Magdalene College, Oxford: “You will find it a good idea, sir, always to verify your references.”