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Unmasking the myth of a peaceful (stable) Rwanda: Rwanda is not safe even for Kagame.

Kagame in bulletproof coat in Rwanda

Rwandan president Paul Kagame is nowdays obliged to wear a bulletproof vest while visiting his constituency inside Rwanda. The picture was taken on Thursday 28/04/16 during a visit in the Eastern Province of Rwanda.

By Dr. Charles Kambanda

In what some people thought was a slip-of-the tongue , three weeks ago, Kagame said that ” I wish Rwanda could be invaded and I show you. I am dying of anxiety from waiting in vain for war”. Two day later, a police station was attacked by rebels; about 18 police and Kagame security personnel were killed in the battle that lasted for three hours. A police truck was set ablaze. A day later, the Rwandan police announced that they were in control of the situation after the attack. Continue reading

Our Dad Is A Hero

By Francis Xavier Ndagabanye Muhoozi


Former Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana, one of four presidents (including Melchior NDADAYE, Cyprien NTARYAMIRA et Laurent-Desire KABILA) from the Great Lakes region of Africa who died victims of the coalition of the dictators Paul Kagame and Joweri Museveni and their US and UK sponsors.

22 years have passed when duty called. On that  06th day of April 1994, our dad General Juvenal Habyarimana answered the call.

When evil Museveni taught hatred, our Dad preached peace; when evil Kagame taught how to kill, our Dad talked peace; when evil Salim Saleh talked revenge, our dad taught unity; but when Museveni invaded Rwanda to kill, our dad answered to protect without hesitation or fear.

He didn’t ask what it would cost him,
He just saw a need that was clear.

A need to defend his country,
No matter what anyone else thought.
Despite back-stubbing from his own, our Dad went to the frontline.
Despite being despised by his own, our Dad stood firm and talked peace, and taught unity.
And there he stood and he fought. Continue reading