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Can Uganda be the next Burkina Faso?

By David Pulkol

An interesting analysis of the political situation of Uganda under Joweri Museveni in the light of the recent events of Burkina Faso which caused the resignation and departure in exile of Blaise Compaore.

Why does the West continue lying about Rwanda success story?

by David Himbara

Rwandan president Paul Kagame - Picture - Courtesy BBC.

Rwandan president Paul Kagame – Picture – Courtesy BBC.

From the very beginning, approximately around the end of 80s the Rwandan Patriotic Front working with Museveni of Uganda acting as the resident commissioner were chosen by the West to become their local contractors in implementing their regional strategy after the cold war. Such strategy included [since not strongly decried] killing and displacing Africans by the millions, raping women by the thousands, and depriving survivors of the basic human rights in order to access mineral resources particularly of the DRC.
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Thomas Sankara, the charismatic and pan-Africanist Burkinabe leader.

Thomas Sankara, the charismatic and pan-Africanist Burkinabe leader.

This message of pan-African solidarity is written more than two weeks after the forced departure of president Blaise Compaore. Hijacking the Burkinabe revolution by the military has become evident on Wednesday 19/11/14 by the nomination of Lieutenant Colonel Isaac Zida as prime minister of the interim government. We understand that he is the man of the Americans. It is the time that the Burkinabe who went out in the streets to remove a dictator, need most the support of all Africans from the continent and in the diaspora to sustain what they fought for and some shedding their blood.
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APPLE kills Congolese

Professor Peter Erlinder and Robin Philpot: their Rwandan genocide’s views

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RNA coutresy picture

Professor Peter Erlinder and Rwandan politician Victoire Ingabire in May 2010. The US lawyer had gone to Rwanda to defend the politician who was being accused of genocide denial by the Kagame’s government. The lawyer was incarcerated in Kigali and only released after an international pressure on the Rwandan regime. Ingabire was imprisoned on October 14th, 2010 and has since been sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment.

One of the revelations in the audio is that the UN has ordered Peter Erlinder to remove from the internet a database of documents/ testimonies that were used at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda [ICTR]. He had set up that resource for information for anyone interested to consult. I once did look at it and it had very significant documents on the tragedy of Rwanda. I knew of the UN to be an organisation not particularly inclined to the truth, but I didn’t know of it to be a terrorist organisation. What a world we live in!!!