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African leaders’ third terms: lessons from Burkina Faso

I have always favoured one term varying from 4 to 5 years in the highest office of the land for any potential presidential candidate. That such individual came from a political party which has been in power for as long as anyone can remember, that does not matter. What the short period of 4 to 5 years in office will guarantee is an alternance of power. It also demonstrates an ongoing competition within the party which vies for leadership in the country. If there is not a strong opposition outside the main party, that would be a serious issue; but a strong democracy within it could also be a guarantor of democratic values outside its sphere of political influence. Continue reading

Has the rewriting of the Rwandan genocide history started?

1012867_524694980999201_7863107306939607755_nWhen International Criminal Tribunal prosecutor Carla Del Ponte learned from a Canadian newspaper in 2000 that the Rwandan Patriotic Front and its leader Paul Kagame were prime suspects in the April 6, 1994, assassination of the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi, she reportedly said: “If it is the RPF that shot down the plane, the history of genocide must be rewritten”. Robin Philpot
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BBC Rwanda Untold Story: a chance to reveal the whole truth

Former Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana

Former Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana

Some years ago, at the conclusion of some of the major trials of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda [ICTR] including Military-I, Peter Erlinder, defense lawyer at that court, explained that if mainstream media had been around to report on the judgements, the narrative of the Rwandan tragedy would have changed immediately.

It is only now that this is happening with the airing of the documentary of BBC TWO – Rwanda Untold Story. What is however surprising are the shields raised by scholars and other formally intelligent people who are Kagame’s apologetics. Their response would’ve received more support from their readers if they had come out with substantiated facts to accompany their case. Continue reading

Exposing Rwanda’s truth deniers

Hunted Rwandan refugees in DRC in 1997

Hunted Rwandan refugees in DRC in 1997

For more than twenty four years, millions of people from the Great Lakes region, namely Ugandans, Rwandans, Congolese and Burundians have died and their survivors suffered in silence from official narratives driven by external interests and certainly direct beneficiaries of atrocities committed to control territories and minerals beneath their grounds.

And when a global media of the status of BBC dares revealing untold sides of the story, those who benefited from the misery of the African victims now come out loud attacking fiercely the broadcaster for having uncovered and shown on television part of the hidden truth that has been for so long deliberately hidden to protect their interests or those of their masters.

I am giving you for your own appreciation here the link to the BBC TWO Documentary – Rwanda Untold Story [the film accused of denying the Rwandan official narrative] and a letter written by a number of western pro-Kagame intellectuals who are among the accusers.

Among those so called 38 scholars I have written about or met 4 of them for different reasons. Either their interests in the atrocities crossed my concerns in a particular way. These are Linda Melvern, Jean-Francois Dupaquier, Dr. Phil Clark, Richard Jonhson.

I sat with Clark in a television/discussion panel about peace in Rwanda and Eastern Congo. He published a book on Gacaca justice system which is prefaced by Paul Kagame.

If you are one of the millions of victims of Paul Kagame living either in Rwanda, Uganda, DRC, Europe, America or elsewhere, or simply a citizen of the world with empathy for the suffering caused, please could you take a few minutes to write a message of support to BBC for uncovering the truth through their documentary?

You can find the link to contact BBC here. In less than 3 minutes, and 3 lines consisting of 300 syllables, you can help restore the truth of the millions of our dead and those that Paul Kagame continues dumping in lakes, rivers, holes, prisons, etc even today. BBC needs all the support of all truth lovers from everywhere.

Unwelcome Kagame and Museveni in London

Joweri Museveni and Paul Kagame

Joweri Museveni and Paul Kagame

On 20th and 21st October 2014, London is hosting the Global African Investment Summit. Presidents Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Joweri Museveni of Uganda are among the heads of states who will be attending. It is an undeniable fact that Africa requires a lot of capital from external investors for its development. Continue reading