Apartheid of another kind sustained by US in Rwanda

Protest against Paul Kagame - Madrid - July 2010The following is an extract from a long article initially published by Global Research News. It is authored by The Rwanda Youth for Leadership and Change Initiative. The piece points out the state of discrimination against Hutus and their oppression in Rwanda despite president Kagame claiming reconciliation and economic progress. And sad is the reality that US and UK continue sustaining the regime unconditionally like at the time of South African apartheid when the two countries persisted doing business with Pretoria until the wind of change became irreversible. Rwandans, Africans and the rest of the world need to stand strongly firm against Kagame’s apartheid in Rwanda, because not only does it affect the lives of more than 90% of Rwandans, but because it also jeopardize regional peace. More than 8 millions, particularly in Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda have died since his movement unleashed its hordes of terror all over the Great Lakes area since 1st October 1990 up to now.

The Rwanda Youth for Leadership and Change Initiative (RY4LCI) strongly condemns the United States of America (USA) for its inconsistent and fallacious behavior opposing the long-lasting pacification of the Great Lakes Region of Africa by SADC (Southern African Countries Development Community) initiative and FDLR (Democratic Forces for Liberation of Rwanda) bravery to peacefully finding solutions through negotiations with Rwandan dictatorial regime led by war criminal and genocidaire President Paul Kagame.

Following the recent speech of President Obama’s special envoy to central Africa Russell Feingold at the USA president’s summit with African leaders in Washington; “We have to get rid of the FDLR, not so much because of their military capacity, but because of what they represent and the destabilizing effect that they have with regard to relations with Rwanda. That is our top priority,” he said. “I’ve been involved with efforts to communicate to them that it’s time for them to surrender. That they will be attacked militarily if they don’t. That there will be no political dialogue,” he also added.

The latter utterances show that the USA is undermining the values of democracy, freedom and peace in Africa as well as worldwide by supporting the malicious ideas and acts of dictatorship in Africa where it denies political dialogue between FDLR and Kigali dictatorial regime of president Paul Kagame. It appears bizarre for the USA which urged Democratic Republic of Congo to have political talks with the defeated M23 rebels who were fully supported by Rwanda and Uganda, and now it denies the political dialogue between Rwanda and FDLR for regional pacification.

This is a shame on the USA to intimidate the FDLR by continuing to help the Rwandan regime to exterminate these Hutus refugees, survivors of Rwanda RPF (Rwanda Patriotic Front) regime massacres in its systematic extermination of Hutu ethnic group people. These are abandoned refugees by international community in the forests of Democratic Republic Congo and when they found they were to be completely exterminated by the RPF army, they formed FDLR (Democratic Forces for Liberation of Rwanda) a politico-military party in order to protect themselves against these RPF systematic and sponsored massacres against Hutus, and also to find how to help to return these refugees in their home country with dignity.

FDLR does not advocate for only these refugees hunted by Tutsis RPF regime in the forests of DR Congo for over two decades but also for other Hutus refugees scattered in African countries like the Central African Republic, Congo Brazaville, Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Mozambique, Zimbabwe… as well as worldwide in general. These refugees are living in plight conditions with no international aid for basic subsistence, health or education. They are abandoned and everyone knows that the Rwandan regime has extensively propagandized that these Hutus are genocidaires and that they don’t deserve any international help. Instead they must return in Rwanda to be tortured, oppressed, imprisoned and killed.

It is a shame on the International community to have abandoned Rwandans and partnered with the dictatorial regime of President Kagame, hence helping him to make Rwanda increasingly divisive, oppressive, bloodstained and totalitarian than any other regime in its history.
For over the last 20 years, the UN and different human rights organizations have released many documented reports on how the President Kagame’s regime has committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide against Hutus inside and outside Rwanda, and against Congolese where more than 6 million people perished. Those reports were half released, hidden, thrown in the cupboards of UN Offices or probably suppressed because the current regime in Rwanda is backed by USA and UK who are allied Kagame clique’s system instead of partnering Rwandans which is in contrary to what USA president Obama preaches where he said that “Africa does not need strong men, it needs strong institutions”.

Based on the recent change of Rwandan Genocide’s name to Genocide against Tutsis, this emphasizes that the International Community (UN) behavior towards Rwanda is very crooked and corrupted by President Kagame’s regime. This is absolutely senseless. The 1994 Rwandan genocide recorded victims to be more than 800,000. These victims were not Tutsis only; the majority of them were Hutus and Twas, therefore to rename it as if it was against Tutsis only, this is to discriminate Hutus and Twas victims of that genocide. This is too foolish that the world is writing wrong history. This is the product of impunity because the RPF after 1994 continued a genocide against Hutus and Congolese people until now and the perpetrators were never brought to book ; instead they continue to commit atrocities against Hutus.

To read the full article, please click HERE.

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