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A new book confirms strong partnership between Hima-Tutsi empire and Anglo-Saxons in Africa

Many do not understand, whichever the leading political parties in the concerned countries, the motives behind US and UK almost unconditional backing of the criminal regimes of Ugandan and Rwandan presidents, respectively Joweri Museveni and Paul Kagame. The support they receive is provided in a variety of forms: development aid, education bursaries, diplomatic facilitation, military equipment and training, etc.

In exchange of these services, Uganda and Rwanda have for mission to fight US and UK wars in Africa and defend their interests across the continent. By Museveni’s and Kagame’s soldiers becoming the ground operatives, no American or British citizens will not anymore be exposed to death fighting in Africa, since they have their African replacements.

Despite the long list of crimes committed by the two leaders in different countries and for so many years, they are and remain in the good favors of their western partners. In a recently published book called – “La guerre mondiale africaine: la conspiration anglo-américaine pour un génocide au Rwanda. Enquête dans les archives secrètes de l’armée nationale ougandaise,” Noel Ndanyuzwe explains under a new light how since the end of the 80s and early 90s US and UK have been working with Joweri Museveni for regional domination from Egypt to Democratic Republic of Congo.

The indirect control of 11 countries of North/East, East and Central Africa has been under the radar from the indicated period and plans have been strategically worked out and being pursued. The number of victims that the pursuit of that objective of domination has costed to concerned countries amounts to more than 12 millions. This outcome made many to refer to the confrontations caused in different countries as the first African world war.

Ndanyuzwe’s book enables to assess US and UK motives and their levels of involvement. It adds as well an ideological dimension to the territorial expansion of the hima-tutsi empire by exploring its foundations. A Nilotic empire of 6 million square kilometers under anglo-saxon protectorat explains partially how Museveni and Kagame have benefited from impunity.

The planned entity will have one currency, speak english, and have one army. The situation in DRC is far from being stabilized. Other countries are targeted in the region, including Tanzania.  

To order the book, please go to the following link:

A section from the book:

MH17’s 298 victims: more important than Habyarimana and Ntaryamira!

Cyprien Ntaryamira - Former Burundian president

Cyprian Ntaryamira – Former Burundian president

If you have been watching or reading the news these last days, you know for sure what MH17 is. It is the codename of the Malaysian aeroplane which was recently shot down by suspected pro-Russian rebels fighting against the Ukrainian government. I won’t have written this note if I hadn’t observed how quick the UN Security Council was in requesting a “full, thorough independent international investigation.”

I had as well noticed the immense compassion shown by Western media towards the victims. Among these it is reported to have been aboard the plane a strong delegation (around 100 people) of health experts who were attending an international conference in Australia. In their majority, they are whites from European and North American countries. Continue reading

Kagame: A body language that says it all

Things have changed. The arrogance of the recent past is apparently giving room to signs that tell that the end of the Kagame’s regime is not far away.

Surprisingly, in the two last years or so, and most significantly during the last three to five months, the Rwandan president has resorted to criminal tactics that presuppose despair.

He has attacked the Rwandan youth, silencing it through the trial of singer Kizito Mihigo. The latter is today imprisoned for having called for true reconciliation between all Rwandans using a song. Kagame is screaming loudly that he will shot people in broad daylight.

The Rwandan regime is burning down public and private buildings (prisons, businesses, etc – 20 cases have been publicly reported) where lives and properties are being lost deliberately. Officially the regime is giving false motives to those incidents occurring almost across the whole country.

Rwandan activist Bosco Mutarambirwa has this to say on his facebook page about the burning of Rwandan public and private property:

“Rwanda: According to this story (, looks like tons of prisoners have perished in the two prisons that were recently set on fire in a single month.

The rest of fires in quartier Matheus and Nyabugogo bus station are meant to (1) serve as a distraction from the prisons fire massacres, (2) free some badly needed land in the heart of Kigali for Crystal venture builders (Remember Emperor Nero and his fires?, (3) deprive owners of burned buildings and force their current tenants into leasing space in Crystal venture’s new skyscrapers, and (4) create business for RPF importers of fire extinction equipment… a bill was voted on recently requiring everyone to equip their buildings with fire extinguishers.”

Is the Rwandan president willing to sacrifice some of his achievements if he sees that political power is sleeping away from his hands? Looking at the burning prisons, business buildings etc, one would wonder if this is not one of the reasons that the Kagame’s regime is again resorting to chaos, possibly to make him think that he should always be the man to rule over Rwandans.


Towards Arusha ll for Rwanda or end of FDLR!

This is the Tanzanian president Kikwete explaining to his fellow compatriots his position on the relations of his country with Rwanda after his statement on the necessity of dialogue between Kagame and FDLR. This was back in May/July 2013.

During the Rwandan civil war of 90/94, sides to the armed conflict, meaning the Rwandan Patriotic Front [RPF] of Paul Kagame and the Rwandan government of Juvenal Habyarimana at the time met in Arusha for several months of 1992 and 93 before coming to an agreement for peace on August 4th, 1993. Unfortunately this agreement was thrown in the air by RPF which did not want to share power with nobody else. War resumed after the assassination of the Rwandan president on April 6th 1994. It officially ended in July of that year after the killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians from all the ethnic groups of the Rwandan society. Continue reading

Rwanda: Another young voice for change

In recent months, we had the case of the Rwandan singer Kizito Mihigo. Presently he is in prison in Kigali.

Peter Mutabaruka in the above video is a Rwandan student living in UK. He is one among many in the Rwandan youth who believes that things need to change in their country.

Kagame and his group need to stop killing Rwandans and end their dictatorship. There is instead an urgent need for democracy, peace and real reconciliation among Rwandans.

Apartheid Rwandan style must end.

It is true that when you are young, you feel that everything is possible. I totally agree. It is up to the youth to take charge of the situation their country is in and move it into a better territory.