Kigali acknowledges the disappearance of 16,000 of its citizens.

Rwandan president at Nyabihu where he declared that his forces is going to be killing in daylight country's enemies.
Rwandan president at Nyabihu where he declared that his forces are going to be killing in daylight country’s enemies.

#BringBackOur16000Citizens from Ngororero – Rwanda

On June 2nd, James Musoni, Rwandan Interior Minister, acknowledged officially that there were 16,000 citizens unaccounted for in the area of Ngororero. The fear that they might be among the many people who have disappeared in the operations undertaken by the government’s security forces from early this year seem strongly founded.

Last year President Paul Kagame announced challenging events to occur this year. It was at the occasion of the graduation of police officers in Ruhengeri towards the end of December. He declared that there would have plenty of difficulties. But he added that he believed in the efficiency of his security forces. They would overcome the huddles as they did in the past, he concluded.

The next thing we heard was the assassination in South Africa of former Rwandan Chief of External Intelligence Colonel Patrick Karegeya. Kagame did not deny that he had been involved but he was surprised instead that his government was not somehow behind that criminal act against a country’s “enemy.” The statement was made during a prayer meeting in Kigali in January.

On January 7th, the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the genocide is launched in Kigali and internationally. Across the country, in Addis Ababa, New York, etc we see the Rwandan government pressurising Rwandans and the world to remember its Tutsi, though we know through Davenport and Stam that the number of Hutu killed in 1994 were higher than the one of Tutsi victims. Adding insult to injury, Hutu people who died aren’t mentioned anywhere. Even referring to their death appears to be sanctioned as a crime.

In February starts the kidnapping of political opponents living in Uganda. With the complicity of Museveni’s security forces, several members of PS-Imberakuri political party are rounded up by Kagame’s DMI and taken back and imprisoned in Rwanda.

In the meantime, Singer Mihigo Kizito is kidnapped and imprisoned for calling for genuine reconciliation among Rwandans. Several journalists are as well rounded up and jailed. Numerous disappearances of civilians are reported in the Northern Province. Political parties, human rights organisations and even US government denounce them.

On June 2nd, the minister of interior surprises everyone when he makes them understand that in fact it was not a limited number of disappearances that should be deplored, but around 16,000 people. The information is published on the pro-government outlet Two years ago, it was 26,000 prisoners that the Rwandan government through Imvaho, a state newspaper, announced that could not be traced.

It is true that millions of innocent lives have fallen in the hands of Kagame’s agents since October 1st, 1990 when his rebels invaded Rwanda from Uganda the first time. As an anecdote, on April 26th 1994, eyewitnesses reported that Kagame himself had killed 600 innocent civilians at the market of Mukarange, using a machine gun mounted on a jeep.

If almost 24 years after October 1990, Kagame is continuing to decimate civilians in the Great Lakes region with impunity, it is because he is on a mission for the Anglo-Saxons who control international institutions such as UN and the Security Council.

Today they are pressurizing President Joseph Kabila of DRC to leave power because they want total control over the country. It does not matter whoever replaces him. Surprisingly they are blind about Kagame’s persistent atrocities against civilians both in Rwanda and DRC.

US working closely with UK have totally backed the rise into power of Kagame, Museveni and Kabila, respectively in Rwanda, Uganda and DRC. If these presidents are still around despite their numerous indescribable crimes including genocides against populations in the region, it is due to their sponsors.

It is therefore time for the victims to realize clearly in their minds who is killing them. Kagame, Museveni and Kabila, – and probably whoever else might replace these if care is not taken -, are merely instruments.
The master-minders killing our people are those holding those instruments, oiling and equipping them. Namely these are US and UK with their allies in the plundering of Congolese resources and others from the region.

Imagine for a moment if, since October 1st, 1990, US and UK had and others for once stood on the side of the real victims in the Great Lakes region and not on that of the perpetrators of atrocities, they could’ve saved millions of lives.

If supposedly for almost 10 billion $ for 20 years they pumped in Rwanda there have been 10 millions of casualty in the entire region, this would mean that they helped Kagame to kill populations in the Great Lakes at the cost of $1,000 per victim. By extension, if the Rwandan president does not value much his victims, at least his masters go as far as the mentioned amount.

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