Victoire Ingabire victim of US geopolitics of the Great Lakes region

Imprisoned Rwandan politician, Victoire Ingabire, leader of FDU-Inkingi.
Imprisoned Rwandan politician, Victoire Ingabire, leader of FDU-Inkingi. She could’ve become president of Rwanda if she had accepted that Eastern Congo becomes a Tutsi autonomous entity.

It will never be enough pointed out the fact that in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi, more than 8 million of innocent lives have been directly and indirectly massacred by the presidents of Uganda and Rwanda, respectively Museveni and Kagame. Unspeakable crimes have until today gone unpunished, because the perpetrators are fully backed by US and Britain.

When Museveni claims publicly in Kigali on April 7th, 2014 that they [Tutsi and Hamitic expansionists] killed and defeated their enemies, that he calls reactionary forces, traitors or sectarian groups, he confirms that reality.

As a veteran patriot of this area [Great Lakes region – South Sudan, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo], I would like to warn those who hobnob with the genocidaires [to understand here anyone Bantu and others who resist their oppressively criminal and apartheid like policies] to know that they will have to contend with the patriotic forces that defeated the traitors with their external backers when they were still much weaker. We are now much stronger in every sense of the word politically, militarily, socially and economically.

Museveni and co cannot be much clear about their intentions in the region. As far as one can remember, the Great Lakes region of post-independence was more human than the one of after the 80s. It was characterized by corrupt leaders and somehow oppressive in their own ways but not to any point comparable to what for example the Rwandan and Ugandan presidents have made suffer the populations of that area.

From the 60s, it has been a persistent US policy to seek a strong military presence in the Great Lakes region. It is even said by sources close to high positioned politicians of that era that Hutu leaders of Rwanda were approached in that regard but refused to cooperate positively. It was the period of non-alignment and communism.

With the start of the 90s, which saw the emergence of US as sole global superpower after the decline of communism, the Americans had then free hands to enforce their military presence in Rwanda and Uganda through warlords who had become presidents.

More than two decades have passed since. The presidents/warlords have committed enough crimes and operational mistakes that the Americans seem to be prospecting among alternatives. Understandably, while seeking some change, they will not do anything that might jeopardize their Geo-strategic gains of all these last years in the region.

Having successively worked with Tutsi/Hamitic politicians and military to impose their presence in the mentioned countries [it is important to remind Africans that this was not possible before with previous leaders Bantu and others; consequently when Museveni and Kagame talk of African interests, they are only fooling those who don’t read properly their policies on the ground], they wish to continue working with those who serve them well in the region.

This brings us to Victoire Ingabire, the Hutu politician woman who is today incarcerated in Kigali for having dared to challenge Paul Kagame politically as candidate to the higher office in Rwanda. And the story told here refers to before she went back to her country in January 2010. A reliable source told us that in her contacts while seeking political support in her legitimate ambitions to become president of Rwanda, a US connection explained to her the conditionality for her success. In her own words she highlighted this to the source.

The Americans are proposing me to help organize democratic elections from which I could emerge as the winner and become the next president of Rwanda. Their condition is that I allow the East of Congo to become an autonomous entity reserved to Tutsi, implying that by doing so Rwanda would become a country belonging to and ruled by Hutu. I refused their proposition.” And it could be rightly argued that her current situation in jail is partially or totally a consequence of her refusal to cooperate in that plan.

For those who have followed long enough the relationship between Rwanda and US, they will remember how Hutu leaders either Gregoire Kayibanda [first president] or Juvenal Habyarimana [president since 1973 until April 6th 1994] refused to play the US policy in the Great Lakes region at the expense of particularly Bantu populations. When one looks at how Tutsi/Hamitic politicians have in the last two to three decades exchanged African lives against American interests in the Great Lakes region, that explains how cruel these people are in the pursuit of their interests.

If Yoweri Museveni has publicly declared that all these years he has been at war against traitors, reactionary forces and sectarian groups to establish his regional hegemony while at the same time serving US interests, Bantu populations of the region that do not get that message, should not complain in the future when there will remain the few to tell the story of what will have happened to their communities.

To sum up the overall picture, for any emerging politician or political group in the Great Lakes region, in order to succeed against the Tutsi/Hamitic clan, they will have to compromise between their humanity or patriotism in the sense of national and regional interests and the strong ambitions of US of retaining what they have gained so far in Geo-strategical terms. But this understanding could be challenged by an efficient coalition of regional and even African visionaries working for the real interests of populations, not like Kagame or Museveni.

The criminals are working hand in hand. They can only be defeated if those they are killing come together as well.

What is your opinion about this?

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