Lausanne 21/03/14: Mbeko, Onana and Pean oppose the enforced narrative since 1994

The three writers Patrick Mbeko, Charles Onana and Pierre Pean who promote in their different publications an alternative narrative of the tragedy that engulfs the Central African region since the early 90s, were in Lausanne on March 21st.

I traveled there to listen to Onana and Mbeko particularly because I strongly support Africans’ intelligence when our competence is at work writing our own history, and not letting our experiences, positive or negative, be told to the rest of the world by our exploiters.

The three authors share two common characteristics:

1) They revisit the official narrative of the Rwandan and Congolese tragedies, since it is presented as the only acceptable story on the terrible events millions of Africans continue suffering from. Their books have plenty evidence which contradict the line of interpretation that mainstream media has so far disseminated everywhere.

2) They present the geopolitics of the African continent from different perspectives which complete each other. They finally explain the implication of US, UK, Israel and Belgium in African conflicts of the last 25 years.

What is your opinion about this?

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