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Tanzania: Statement on claims by the News of Rwanda

President Kikwete is deeply hurt by these lies and his humble advice to the editors of this publication is to stop fabricating untrue claims which potentially could create and fuel animosity and confusion among the people of our two neighboring and friendly countries.

Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete

Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete

The Embassy of Tanzania in Rwanda is deeply saddened by malicious and untrue reports, published over the weekend by the Rwanda Government Owned Newspaper, The News of Rwanda, in which it accuses the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, HE Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, of supporting and holding meetings with members of rebel groups opposed to the Government in Kigali.

Indeed, these reports are nothing but a bunch of dangerous lies fabricated by editors of this publication with obvious malicious intent to attack the person of the President of a friendly neighboring country and create an impression that Tanzania is working with enemies and groups opposed to the Government of Rwanda. Continue reading

The Hague [25.01.14], London [29.01.14] and Paris [01.02.14] protests against KKK of the Great Lakes Region

Victoire Ingabire ProtestJoweri Kaguta Museveni, Paul Kagame and Joseph Kabila, respectively Presidents of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, are those referred to in the title here as KKK abreviation. Continue reading


Congolese genocide and Smartphones


“That you like it or not, when you buy a device like this one [smartphone], you participate [involuntarily] to the murder of some people particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo, … We came to return smartphones and other devices we bought from Apple because this company is involved in the killing of people, through the plundering of mineral resources such as Coltan [from DRC,” BK Kumbi – Don’t Be Blind This Time.

Since I became aware of the involvement of multinational corporations – Apple, Nokia, Samsung, HTC and many others in the killing of Africans, 1) I don’t renew my PC every 2 to 3 years but 5, 2) I don’t buy a new phone every 2 to 3 years but 5 minimum.

When you see next time their advert on television, think about the number of women and girls that had to be raped to produce that device, how many civilians had to move away from their homes permanently, or how many had to be killed.


Victoire Ingabire: Manifestation in Brussels for her support

This was on Thursday 16/01/13 in front of the European Union headquarters.

Victoire Ingabire: 4 years today in Rwanda

Rosa Parks & Victoire Ingabire’ Wherever I will fall, those left behind please do carry on from where I will have left,’ Victoire Ingabire.

On January 16th, 2010, she lands at the International Airport of Kigali.

Who would have imagined?  Continue reading