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Obama administration official provides insights on U.S. Congo Policy

By Kambale Musavuli

DRC - UN image

DRC – UN image

Africans should stop Obama from balkanizing DRC. First it was Libyan destruction, and then came Sudan split into two states. We currently have the Malian situation where instability is being possibly extended to Algeria, Niger and Mauritania. Zimbabwe would’ve known similar fate from Western powers if it hadn’t been for SADC solidarity and vigilance. DRC is being convolutedly drawn into a failed state by a MONUSCO whose presence is confirming such unofficial mission, to justify balkanization at some stage in the coming future. The faster Africans get mobilised to get MONUSCO out of DRC the better for that nation. Kambale Musavuli, Spokesperson of Friends of the Congo analyses here US sinister intent towards the country of Lumumba. With some hindsight, Africans are being sold to the dominant powers by its own people as at the time of slavery. But there is some resistance as this has always been. Continue reading