Daily Archives: February 7, 2013

Africa under siege

By Kwanisai Mafa



“If we do not prepare to fight, we will lose and I mean lose everything.” Kwanisai Mafa

I did a talk with students at the University of Manchester on Pan Africanism Today. After the presentation, one young lady from Kenya described some of the problems her country was confronted with and asked what practically at her level she could do to change what she finds wrong in her society back home. I replied her saying that Africans should stop complaining but instead start working on the change they want to see. I added that they don’t necessarily have to do very much. For example by me discussing with them about the topic I was there for and their attendance were a start for addressing issues. They need only to stop from being indifferent and thinking that the change they desperately seek will be brought to them by somebody else. They should begin confronting those challenges they are not happy with in whatever way they feel comfortable with. Reading this following article of Kwanisai Mafa and being aware of the gradually increasing consciousness among Africans give me some hope. Continue reading