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UK stops aid to Rwanda

Displaced people in North Kivu - Picture UNHCR

Displaced people in North Kivu – Picture UNHCR

This was somehow expected.

Following compelling evidence of Rwanda’s involvement in destabilizing Eastern Congo, UK government has decided to stop £21m of aid payment to that country.

The decision comes a few weeks after the UK Parliament Select Committee for international development heard both Andrew Mitchell, former Secretary of State for the Department for International Development, and Justine Greening, current responsible of that department. Continue reading

The tragedy of Goma

By Theogene Rudasingwa

M23 soldiers patrolling Goma on November 26, 2012 – BBC picture.

For the last several months Rwandans, Congolese, Africans and the
international community have watched as the predictable drama from
Kagame’s regime plays our once again in the Kivu region of Eastern
Democratic Republic of Congo. With the birth of M23, the Kigali regime
re-engineered the mutation of an old proxy force (CNDP) into a new
one with the same agenda: 1) weaken DRC 2) loot its natural resources
3) pretend that Rwanda can now solve the problem by paying lip-service
to negotiations 4) deceive the world that Rwanda is after Rwanda armed
groups , especially FDLR and 5) use this presence in DRC to manipulate
the international community against looking at the problems within
Rwanda itself. In all this President Kagame’s trademarks remain
deception, total disregard for human life, and disrespect to the
international community. Continue reading

DRC: US Department of State Spokesperson Ms Nuland in her Press Briefing on November 26, 2012

Democratic Republic of Congo


MS. NULAND: Please.

QUESTION: Given the deteriorating humanitarian situation, could you detail what the diplomacy has been? Continue reading

DR Congo: Africans across the world must mobilize

Patrice Emery Lumumba – First only elected prime minister of the Congo

But the revolution will come from inside DR Congo. INGETA

In the last 16 years, DR Congo has already lost more than 10% of its population due to the Rwandan and Ugandan sponsored wars.

Brothers and Sisters Africans, wherever you are across the world, we have been asleep for far too long. It may become impossible to wake up at all, if we don’t stand up right now. There have been many challenges, as there will still be. Hiding heads in the sand won’t let them go away. Soon or later there won’t even be only heads hidden, but all the bodies will be buried if we let DR Congo pursue the unfortunate path we have been seeing for quite a while without purposely taking actions as a people. Continue reading

M23: A glimpse of what DRC expects

M23 public meeting in Goma after the capture of Goma provincial capital of North Kivu – BBC picture

When these rebels capture a city or a location, populations are always called for public meetings.

The rebels explain them that they are their liberators.

They proclaim marvelous promises for things people have missed under previous corrupt, undemocratic, and criminal administrations.  Continue reading