Congolese Member of Parliament Eugene Diomi Ndongala released

Congolese Parliamentarian Diomi Ndongala at his release in Kinshasa 11/10/12 at 1.40 am.

After almost 100 days of jail, Congolese politician Diomi was released early morning today 11/10/12 at 1.40 am, declared his family in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He was released as a consequence of political pressure from Congolese inside and in the Diaspora. There has also been strong condemnation from French president Francois Hollande for the absence of respect for people’s human rights.

Since the Conference France-Afrique is also being held in Kinshasa from 12 to 14/10/2012, it would have looked inappropriate for Kabila government not to make some gesture of a sort pretending to respect human rights.

When the parliamentarian was imprisoned a few months ago, we wrote on these pages, advocating for his release. He has been one of the many victims of systematic human rights abuse in DRC.

One interesting reference about Diomi Ndongala is a quote on his website

Diomi Ndongala

mentioning an interesting and important article of the Congolese constitution.

Article 64 of the Constitution of the Republic of Congo states

Every Congolese has a right to defeat any individual or group which takes power by force or exercise power in violation of the Constitution.

And if all constitutions could have such guarantees against usurpation of power and all citizens were aware and ready to defend their rights, wouldn’t the world be different?

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