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iPhone 5 and Congolese raped women

One may ask where the relation between the two issues is.

Or what does this have to do with the Rwandan president Paul Kagame storming out of an international mini summit on Democratic Republic of Congo organised in New York at the occasion of the UN Annual General Assembly. Continue reading

Contemporary African leaders to emulate

Women in Tunisian revolution in 2011

…the women farmers who are ensuring the survival of sustainable and environmentally positive African family farming systems and who are opposing the attempts of Bill Gates and Kofi Annan to chain them to the agro-industrial corporations through AGRA (Alliance for the Green Revolution in Africa),…  Continue reading

On a sunny day in Boston…Rwanda Day 2012

By Jennifer Fierberg

There are people who understand more than others that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” That is nonetheless what Martin Luther King believed. Journalist Jennifer Fierberg is among those who are passionate for justice particularly in Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and the whole region of Central Africa. As she covered Rwanda Day Boston 2012, a two days event organised by the Rwandan government from Friday 21 to 22 September to showcase the country in US, I reproduce here her account of what happened. By the time of writing this note, her article about the event had already appeared on different online news outlets [Inyenyeri News and Salem-News]. Continue reading

Patrick Mbeko and the meaning of a certain vocabulary: “terrorist,” “populist,” “extremist,” “radical,” etc

Patrice Lumumba

When someone controls what goes into your mind, they can do of you what they want. It is Steve Biko who once said that, “the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” In line with this understanding, Patrick Mbeko, author of “Canada in the wars in Central Africa,” shares with his readers the following views on the meaning of a certain vocabulary. The original note was in French and appeared initially on the writer’s facebook pages. I translated it for the benefit of English speakers.

“If I die tomorrow, it is because a White man will have armed a Black man.”
Patrice Lumumba Continue reading

Rwanda: An impossible PR for a definitely fading image

Congolese women protesting in Goma – DRC against Rwandan support to M23

All along his political leadership, the Rwandan president Paul Kagame has effectively and persistently played alternatively both the ugly and good characters of his personality to please two different audiences: national and international. And each time after serious political crisis which taint internationally the image of his RPF regime, he has usually gone out strongly on a charm tour outside the country, telling his external sponsors that they got it wrong. And he has in most occasions succeeded so far.

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