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Kambale Musavuli gives a road-map for peace in the Congo

Kambale Musavuli reflecting on challenges his native DRC has to address to get sustainable peace

“…you have five forces working day in and day out to keep the Congolese people in bondage. It reminds me of South Africa. The government of the Congo does not represent the people and when you see what the Congolese have to face with these five tentacles (local Congolese elites, Rwanda/Uganda, UK/US, World Bank/IMF and multinationals). There has to be a global movement against these five forces to give the Congolese a fighting chance to transform their nation.”

In a long interview with journalist Jennifer Fierberg, Congolese activist and member of Friends of the Congo, Kambale Musavuli explains the situation in his country. He provides his understanding of Obama’s ineffective foreign policy towards DRC. He highlights the underlying stumbling blocs which maintain the status quo. In the past, African solidarity has helped preserve Congolese territorial integrity. KM thinks it can do more. I have selected and share here KM’s few reflections taken from his roadmap to Congolese peace. Continue reading

MONUSCO demobilize ex-FDLR soldiers, Rwanda redeploys them to join M23

MONUSCO patrolling streets of Goma

“Former Rwandan Defence Forces [RDF] officers and politicians and M23 collaborators indicated that ex-FDLR combatants from within the RDF Reserve Force have been remobilized and deployed to Runyoni alongside M23,” says UN Group of Experts Addendum.

Many people are strongly convinced that the problem of insecurity in the Great Lakes region, and particularly in Democratic Republic of Congo, is not due to rebel movements, whatever number there is presently, but dictatorships in Kigali and Kampala who need them to perpetuate themselves into power. The revelations below which are extracted from the UN Group of Experts Addendum published on 27 June 2012 are loudly telling. And they raise critical questions on the whole rationale of having militia and rebel forces operating in DRC demobilised, when they can be redeployed in the same manner by the culprit regimes. Continue reading

DRC should strongly denounce international neutral force for Eastern Congo

One of the thousands of victims of ongoing humanitarian crisis caused by M23 in Eastern Congo

On 27 June 2012, UN Group of Experts provided extensive evidence showing that Rwanda was supplying arms and recruiting for the Congolese rebel movement M23. And this was not the first time a UN mandated team reported persistent Rwandan interference in Democratic Republic of Congo in the last sixteen years. Continue reading

Rwanda: Police arrests FDU-Inkingi national committee members

Silvain Sibomana – Member of FDU-Inkingi interim executive committee

In an note released this Sunday 26/08/12 and intended to the general public, Boniface Twagirimana, one of the top members of the unregistered Rwandan political party FDU-Inkingi of imprisoned Ms Victoire Ingabire, indicates that his colleague official of the same party, Silvain Sibomana, has been severely injured the night before by Rwandan Local Defence Forces [LDF], when he went to the rescue of a neighbour, Dominique Shyirambere, from another political party of the opposition, PS-Imberakuri. Continue reading

Patrick Mbeko: “the lion, not the hunter, becomes the hunt’s storyteller”.

“Until lions produce their own historians the story of the hunt will glorify only the hunter.”
African proverb

I initially came across this proverb in the 1990s, while reading the book titled “Rwanda 1994: Colonialism dies hard” of the Canadian writer Robin Philpot. It depicts a narrative of the Rwandan genocide of 1994 widely different from the official story that the world has been accustomed to. Continue reading