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Arms embargo on the Democratic Republic of Congo and consequences on the country’s stability

Congolese soldiers – Joseph Kabila, DRC president, confirms that his country continues to suffer from arms embargoes to be able to protect its sovereignty effectively.

On Saturday 28/7/12, in a rare press conference in Kinshasa, Congolese president Joseph Kabila, answered questions from the national press. The focus was mainly on two subjects: war in North Kivu and upcoming France-Afrique Summit scheduled to be held in Kinshasa in October of this year. Continue reading

Will ever some Congolese stop being enablers of Kagame and Museveni?

This is where M23, Congolese rebellion backed by Rwanda and Uganda, started its war against Kinshasa.

Is it because they are not aware of the level of suffering that these two leaders of Rwanda and Uganda have imposed on Congolese people for the last two decades?

Are they so selfish that they forget completely to see beyond their personal gains in the military and political ventures they are trying to engage themselves in?

Or are they so blind they cannot see that they are being used by Kagame and Museveni for the only political survival of the latter and the plundering of Congolese mineral resources?  Continue reading

Our deepest condolences to the great people of Ghana

All true sons and sisters of Africa and friends of Ghana all over the world mourn the sudden death of President John Evans Atta Mills on Tuesday July 24th, 2012.

At the same time, they praise the peaceful transition that occurred on the same day by getting sworn in as 4th President of 4thRepublic of Ghana, his Excellency the incumbent vice-president John Dramani Mahama

This should be another example of hope for the continent of seeing strong institutions prevailing against strong personalities.

Video – John Dramani Mahama sworn in

Long Live Ghana
Long Live Africa

Kagame 2012

A critical question should resonate loudly in the mind of those who follow international politics since Kony 2012 came out on March 5th, 2012. 

Why would a global campaign to track a criminal with apparently ill equipped 300 followers be staged while the same countries which are after the former having been providing billions of £, $ and Euros and persist in backing another criminal leader of a country whose responsibility in worse atrocities has been irrevocably proven? Continue reading

Clinton, Kagame and M23

The recent course of events in the Democratic Republic of Congo have brought together African and Western politicians, with probably shared interests, in unconventional circumstances and ways.

These meetings started with M23 mutinies deserting the FARDC and then attacking North Kivu province of Eastern Congo from their positions close to the Ugandan border. Continue reading