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Paul Kagame committed to preserving his power

Eighteen years after 1994, Rwandan President Paul Kagame has not done any critical step towards opening up political space for free public debates on fundamental questions of national interest. Continue reading

Enlightened citizens are challenging African leaders’ incompetence through Twitter

Professor Ayittey

As the world speedily embraces new platforms for communication, directness and power of the latter provide exceptional possibilities of transforming African political leadership.

The following note, which is part of Professor Ayittey’s reaction to the President of Nideria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, was published online by Sahara Reporters. It is an illustration of the feeding of a constructive debate into conservative thinking on issues of national and public interest. Continue reading

They are killing them (Congolese) softly

Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda

That’s Timothy B. Reid’s argument. Them, it’s Congolese. And they, are countries, particularly Western, and mainly US and Britain, which for years have been fuel-ling wars in Central Africa, and especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC].

The author in his contribution to a research work of the Humanitarian Tragedy in the DRC states how countries that significantly finance national budgets of Rwanda and Uganda could’ve stopped, or end even today the suffering of Congolese people, if they wanted to.  Continue reading

Reality of the pain of being a revolutionary in Neo-colonialism!

By Explo Nani-Kofi

The author of the following note, Explo Nani-Kofi, is a Pan-Africanist from Ghana. He is the Director of the Kilombo Community Education Project, London and the Kilombo Centre for Civil Society and African Self-Determination, Peki, Ghana, which jointly publish the Kilombo Pan-African Community Journal as well as host the ‘Another World is Possible’ radio programme. The focus of the note is on how unfairly society can treat those who want to change its ways for a better future for everyone. Continue reading

June 24th, 2012: Second anniversary of first ever political protest against Paul Kagame

“I cannot believe that this is happening under Paul Kagame’s rule,’ explained strongly surprised a person I was discussing with at the time. He had managed to flee the country two years earlier.

Indeed it did happen. On June 24th, 2010 a political protest was staged inKigali but brutally crushed by the ruling party Rwandan Patriotic Front.  Continue reading