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Call to shame Abdoulaye Wade, Senegalese president

Something must be seriously wrong with some African leaders, particularly when they are approaching the end of their second term in power. Abdoulaye Wade, president of Senegal, 85, made me raise such issue.

Professor Horace Campbell explains Wade political hypocrisy in an article published on Pambazuka News site.

“At the 2007 conference of the African Union, Wade said, ‘If we fail to unite, we will become weak, and if we live isolated in countries that are divided, we face the risk of collapsing in the face of stronger and united economies.’ If you meant these words, step down now.” 

In recent years, the Senegalese president’s behavior has weakened his country’s stand among Africans as a model of democracy. By changing the democratic principles on which Senegal was so far built, Wade is isolating and making it look like a rogue state.

President Wade, by seeking a third term, though he had been an ardent advocate of peaceful political change, has put shame on the role that his country played in the eyes of many Africans.

Another crisis in diplomatic relations between Rwanda and France

Dr Theogene Rudasingwa has his own views on the situation currently prevailing between the two countries. “Accepting Kagame’s belligerent diplomatic gambles is not only an unsustainable basis for bilateral Franco-Rwanda relations; it is an extremely dangerous policy. It has far reaching and negative consequences for Rwanda, the Great Lakes region, Africa and international peace and security,” he explains.

Please read more from The Africa Global Village where the story first appeared.

Continuous inhuman treatment of Rwandan political prisoners

In a recent interview to The Chronicles, Senator Tito Rutaremara, one of the founders of the political regime in power in Rwanda since 1994 stressed to the journalist interviewing him that their Rwandan Patriotic Front [RPF] had developed, “The structures [that] will remain for more than 200 years, but we will never create a president who will remain for 200 years. We are not God.”

Unfortunately, among these many implicitly pointed at structures that the senator mentioned, there are continuous inhuman mistreatments of Rwandan political prisoners, such as the most recent case that the leader of PS Imberakuri, Me Bernard Ntaganda, was victim of. Let’s not forget the plight of other political prisoners including Victoire Ingabire, Deo Mushayigi, Charles Ntakirutimana, and hundreds more.

Please read below, as reported by PS-Imberakuri party, the full details of how the political leader currently imprisoned in Rwanda since June 2010 was treated by prison’s supervisors, certainly at the request of RPF structures, with the purpose of breaking the prisoner’s resistance to the political system that senator Rutaremara referred to.   Continue reading

Africa Union and us [Africans]

From the perspective of those in power and with reference to those who are ruled [my emphasis], “Ignorance is strength,” said George Orwell. As long as those that leaders in any area of life claim to represent remain ignorant of critical issues that impact on their lives through decisions taken without their knowledge, obviously ignorance will be a means to an end for beneficiaries of the status quo. Continue reading

It’s time we recognised the Blair government’s criminality

John Pilger writes, “It’s time we recognised the Blair government’s criminality.”

In an article published on his blog, John Pilger, points on state crimes committed against other nations under Blair government and how they were handled to fall under impunity.

He highlights, among other things, Blair’s links to the Rwandan government.

Deploying sinecures of “peace-making” and “development” that allow him to replenish the fortune accumulated since leaving Downing Street, Blair’s jackdaw travels are concentrated on the Gulf sheikhdoms, the US, Israel and safe havens like the small African nation of Rwanda.  Since 2007, Blair has made seven visits to Rwanda, where he has access to a private jet supplied by President Paul Kagame. Kagame’s regime, whose opponents have been silenced brutally on trumped-up charges, is “innovative” and a “leader” in Africa, says Blair.

To read the whole article, which is not about Rwanda only, please click here.