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George Ayittey Defeating Dictators

Interviewed by Thor Halvorssen

22 June 2011
Ghanaian economist George Ayittey recently spoke at the Oslo Freedom Forum in Norway about how to get rid of dictators, a process already underway in north Africa. A chat he had with Thor Halvorssen, President of the Human Rights Foundation, is food for thought. Continue reading

Mimicking the West will never develop Africa

Since 2007/8 the world is experiencing an ongoing economic and financial crisis which does not seem to end tomorrow. Symptoms countries and markets under which the global economy operates appear to be structural rather than incidental. It is well documented Africa’s part in international trade, all sectors inclusively, is not significant, despite the continent being a source of important quantities of raw materials for capitalist multinationals. The weak position of Africa combined with poor governance in general makes its populations rank at the bottom of the world poverty index.

For a decade or so, African leaders have tried to address the situation. But there are critical issues needed confronting to expect some positive outcome from efforts being put into the exercise. The following extract is from a paper by Professor Dani W. Nabudere called, ‘Towards a new model of production – an alternative to NEPAD.‘ It explains where the problems lie. Continue reading

John Pilger on US’s planned occupation of Africa

Kaddafi dies. Before him other African heroes were murdered by the same enemies of Africa. It is a repeat of an old story. The next step of ongoing occupation of the continent is already under way. 400 weakened fighters of the Lord Resistance Army become the official justification to intervene. This is like in Libya where NATO invasion was justified by alleged humanitarian reasons. John Pilger , Global Research contributor, explains in his following article how elements of the strategic puzzle to occupy Africa are coming together. Continue reading

Rwandan security forces assault and take Silvain Sibomana, FDU-Inkingi interim Secretary General into unknown location

This is becoming a pattern from the Rwandan regime against its political opposition. If you are not killed or imprisoned, you have to flee the country before this occurs to you. More than a year has passed since Victoire Ingabire, leader of FDU-Inkingi, is in prison. She has been in court hearing from September 5th.

On 15/9/2011, Eric Nshimwumuremyi, member of PS-Imberakuri political party leadership was shot in the chest by security forces, while coming from Ingabire’s court hearing. He is currently imprisoned and denied visits by his family. His infected chest is getting worse because the bullets from the gun he was shot with are still locked in his body.

As FDU-Inkingi office in Kigali was getting ready for the ongoing court hearing of their leader, they learnt that a colleague had just disappeared in the hands of security forces. Please read a press release sent out today afternoon. Continue reading

Why isn’t Victoire Ingabire case in Rwanda being reported in international media?

It is an embarrassment for President Paul Kagame’s regime and those, countries and personalities, who have been supporting Rwanda for the last seventeen years. One such evidence is the request that in his recent press conference in Kigali Kagame made to journalists demanding them not to ask him any question related to Victoire Ingabire. And they abided by his wish. Another indication that the ongoing court hearing of the opposition leader is a serious test of his credibility emerges from the fact that his image among his external supporters has significantly deteriorated; though he still needs their assistance, he cannot anymore treat political opponents as he likes as this was in the past. Everyone is watching him and probably seeking the right moment to get rid of him. Continue reading