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African Union Diaspora Task Team

c/o The Permanent Observer Mission of the African Union to the United Nations, 305 East 47th Street, New York, NY  10017, Tel. : 212-319-5490, Fax: 319-7135

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The biggest gathering of selected high caliber African Diasporan will take place on Thursday, October 6, 2011, during the African Union Diaspora High Level meeting organized by the African Union Diaspora Task Team to aggressively pursue the concrete realization of the dream and mission indicated when the African Union created and recognized the African Diaspora as the 6th Region of the African continent.  The meeting will be held at the Conference Hall of the African Union Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations, 305 East 47th Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10017, between 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Continue reading

Rwanda/Democratic Republic of Congo: 21 years since 1st October 1990

These two countries had lived peacefully as neighbours from times expanding back before the arrival of Europeans. Throughout their characterised histories, they had had their own specific problems, but most of the time, these were cared for within the boundaries of their respective territorial spaces.  Then from 1/10/90, their shared tranquillity was going to change forever by atrocities rarely seen in past experiences of humankind. Continue reading

Africa faced with same threats as 50 years ago

The following document was posted online by Explo Nani Kofi, who is an active  pan Africanist. Knowing what happened only this year [2011] on the African continent with reference to few examples such as Libya, Ivory Coast, and Uganda, everyone can understand that what the content of this document tells us is not a new phenomenon. Imperialist forces were yesterday active protecting their economic interests while most parts of the continent were gaining their political independence from their colonizers. Today the same forces are pursuing similar objectives under globalization. Nothing has changed, except time and actors. Continue reading

Taking Rwandan politics into a sustainable ground

From immemorial times, Rwandan politicians [or generally those whose decisions have always impacted on destinies of many in the country of The  Thousand Hills], have all along past and present generations planted the seeds for future injustices, instead of establishing laws and implementing policies which guarantee fairness and equal opportunities to all. Continue reading

A significant and telling twist in Victoire Ingabire’s trial in Rwanda

Court hearing of Victoire Ingabire, main leader of the Rwandan opposition to Kagame’s regime, took a telling twist today, when the Judge decided to postpone it. Boniface Twagirimana, interim Vice President of FDU-Inkingi, opposition party of which the accused is chairperson, reports from Kigali on the events in the courtroom. Continue reading