A necessary UN no-fly zone over UK further to ongoing riots in London and other British cities!

Satires are a form of telling a story. The following one tries to link London riots with what has been happening in Libya since the NATO bombing started in that country a few months ago now. Hundreds of young people are involved in the lawlessness situation that major cities in UK are experiencing since a few days. It all began with the death of Mark Duggan last week, in a police operation in Tottenham area. Someone asked on Facebook this question: “Don’t we need a UN no-fly zone over UK?” Such reflection prompted many others from those who could read it. I reproduce below the conversation which ensued. Participants’ names have been purposely changed to protect the privacy of the authors.  

Albert: “Suddenly everyone is concerned about London not Libya. How about the rest of the world supporting these rioters and giving them the needed recognition and even supply them with weapons as France did in Libya to overthrow David Cameron’s administration? How about that? Do we need the services of NATO here? Crazy world!”

Anita: “I shouldn’t laugh, but that is funny and true. Well here in America they are not reporting the situation.”

Michael: “Yeah, I am heading out to make my CNN coverage shoots showing that Cameron is killing his people. I will perhaps apply to the Un for sanctions and no-fly zones.”

Michael: “Anita, no they won’t report it. They report only Africa.”

Tom: “[It’s almost] retributive justice! The English (Arab style) revolution!”

Anita: “Yeah, Michael, you should give us some coverage via camcorder.”

George: “Funny! Whit phobia is a bad sickness. Give it up. Tanks and armed soldiers are not shooting anybody. In fact, the people are killing Cameron and not the opposite.”

Michael: “I am rousing my crew. We need some deserted spots. And you would be surprised at what we will broadcast to you tomorrow. You will see how heads are being blown off on the streets of London by armed UK armies. You will see missiles being fired randomly into residential areas. We will wade into the dangerous war fronts while battling with Cameron’s men to retain our cameras and we will bring you the news as it happens.”

“George, don’t you have some other people to go and bore? What have I done to deserve this punishment?”

Duncan: “Anita. They don’t like for Black people to relate to one another to a certain extent even domestically, much less internationally. They made the mistake of giving too much press to the movements in the 60’s in America. They learned their lesson for the most part. They made a mistake again with the movements in South Africa under apartheid. They learned their lesson. They know it’s dangerous to their unjust system to have African people across international lines seeing eye to eye on their common issues and causes.”

Miriam: “We can’t compare this UK problem with that of Libya.”

Michael: “Food for tot. If it was the other way round, I am sure it will be termed irresponsibility.”

“Too right, Duncan. It is all too dangerous that is why they try to blanket off news like this. It is at times like this that you confirm the inconsistencies that you have always known must exist in the system. You see very meticulous calculations in the way news is managed and get a practical chance to confirm what you have always known: that the system is deliberately loaded, and is not as fair as they fool the more gullible among us that it is.”

“Given the pen-up frustrations all over the place, this can grow and grow and spread so rapidly, [and becomes] REVOLUTION? [But Britain has never experienced revolutions. How would it be possible today?]

Zoe: “The last things they want are mass uprisings in many different locations all at the same time. Their system depends on keeping us fractured and focused on small things. This has always been how they’re able to maintain their dominance. When the rest of us aren’t doing what we’re supposed to be doing [demanding more fairness], that frees them up to team up across international lines themselves, as they did with their assault on Haiti for instance, and keep us in these predicaments. History is replete with these kinds of examples.”

Michael: “That is more like it. We do not have to be warring over every single thing. Let us call a cease-fire.”

Claire: “The UK uprising probably has more popular support than the Libyan one! And the London rioters have not (yet) been armed, funded, supported and trained by a foreign military. If they did become armed, the police would shoot them more indiscriminately than the Libyan government (allegedly) did.”

Michael: “Duncan, true [what you said earlier]. Imagine if the terribly treated Blacks in France join into this. That could be something. Those are the truths. And that is exactly what will happen.”

Othello: “United as black people we can achieve much!” [Is it really about Black people only?]

Michael: “What do we know really happened in Libya masquerading as riots? We just had stories from CNN and other sources about it.”

Tim: “[Confirmed, there is a] Police station on fire in Birmingham – West Midlands Police. Merseyside Police confirms cars are being torched as riots spread to South Liverpool. [This equals to a] UK revolution.”

Michael: “It would be nice to hear of a border crossing into France. Paris is a keg that could ignite into an inferno. And rightly so too.”

Robert: “Security Council Resolution 1973 Against the British Government: UK revolution.

1. We express grave concern at the deteriorating situation and the escalation of violence in England.

2. The Security Council has a responsibility to protect.

3. We condemn the gross human rights violations of the British authorities against their Black and Ethnic Minority people which are crimes against humanity.

4. We condemn the British authorities’ use of mercenaries in the police force.

5. There is a ban on all arms in order to protect civilians.

6. All British assets are to be immediately frozen to protect civilians.

7. We will continue to review and control this matter.”

Nicholas: “Michael, I distinguish between a good stage play and the sentiment of the masses which are allowed to boil over for a particular result. In this one, the question is who will be made to look good. Who will win? Citizens live in fear, homes, small businesses and livelihood go up in flames. In a place with so many CCTV cameras, Scotland Yard, MI5 and MI 6 nothing happens by chance (the art of War chapter 13). Like you said, Crazy world!”

Kodjo: “Glad somebody said it! Their laws don’t apply to them, [but] only to the folks they want to steal resources from. We all know it is hypocrisy!”

Alfonso: “Michael, you said that you will bring us the news as it happens. But I believe [someone] did a report on how those Al Jazeera reporters were actually putting themselves in “harms” way to get the story. But for real, it was a joke, because if it was really going down like that, they wouldn’t be out there. One guy had on some kind of armor. It was so laughable, how they attempted to make a big deal out of what was happening in Libya. But they were not that close to the stuff in Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, because that was real and their bullets were really flying. The rag tag army of untrained rebels were more a threat to themselves (shooting up in the air, riding around on stolen trucks and tanks, barely able to manage the artillery) so they were really no threat to the reporters. Laughable indeed! But I hear you. I hear what you saying.”

Tony: “Yes, I’m concerned about London; just like I’m concerned about NATO’s illegal and immoral activities in Libya. The rioting is moving closer and closer to me, and I can only thank Othello that I don’t live near anything worth looting. I hate those criminal fools who are looting and burning their own communities.”

Ashley: “David Cameron has lost the legitimacy to rule and MUST step down. A government of national unity has to be formed.”

Edward: “It is NOT a revolution! It is opportunistic criminals and feral youths looting and burning their own struggling, for the most part, communities. If it was anything civic, they would march on Downing Street and demand the resignation of the incompetent powers that are.”

Winston: “I want t see Cameron given a ‘good’ treatment like Gbagbo. I want to see a ‘No fly- zone’ declared by NATO. I want to see The Hague indicting Cameron for inflicting hardship on his people. I want to see Ghaddafi, Gbagbo, and Assad having the last laugh, saying ‘What comes around goes around.’

What is your opinion about this?

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