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Libya: Rethinking African countries’ UN membership

Milton Allimadi, editor of Black Star News, reflects on the relevance of African countries membership to UN after their mistreatment by NATO superpowers in the Libyan conflict. Most objective observers of the motives which publicly justified external intervention agree that from March of this year, after the controversial France involvement in Ivory Coast, we have in Libya witnessed to a new flagrant case of re-colonization of Africa. It is true colonialism dies hard. Find out more with Allimadi in his following article titled ‘Libya: Colonialism lives!Continue reading

Views on contemporary African issues in an interview by Explo Nani-Kofi from Radio GFM

On Tuesday 23/8/2011 Radio GFM interviewed Ambrose Nzeyimana, on a number of African issues in their programme ‘Another World Is Possible.’ Covered topics included resources, development, unification of the continent, African diaspora, governance, external interventions in Africa, impact of global financial crisis on the continent, and ways forward. The radio programme offers a platform where Africa and Africans speak with the world. The following is an edited version of the interview. Continue reading

Libya diary: Clearing up the latest media rubbish on Libya

By Lizzie Phelan

On August 16, 2011 journalist Lizzie Phelan posted online the following article on the situation in Libya. In Western mainstream media, for some days, we were being told about the last days of Kaddafi regime, particularly with the fall of Zawiya in the hands of rebels. But reading Lizzie’s report reminded me other stories of lies Western media had in the past published in their way of fighting for capitalist interests. For readers’ caution, please don’t be lazy and always take as true what Big Brother claims in your face to be the only truth. Continue reading

Democratic Republic of Congo: premises and fundamentals for the 2011 elections

By Tatiana Maleba-Garcia

In 2010, we had elections in a number of African countries. Among these were Ethiopia of Meles Zenawi, Burundi of Pierre Nkurunziza and Rwanda of Paul Kagame. In all these countries, election results were known in advance, not because incumbent leaders were popular but only they have the means to impose them. Political opponents, human right activists, journalists, and ordinary people have been kidnapped, killed, imprisoned, or harassed in big numbers. Early this year, Joweri Museveni of Uganda added another five years to his already twenty five as president of his country. In November 2011, there will be presidential elections in Democratic Republic of Congo. Tatiana Maleba-Garcia, Congolese political activist, with reference to these upcoming elections in her country, describes a picture of the situation Africans are confronted with in the political arena. Her original text is in French. The following is its English translation. Continue reading

A necessary UN no-fly zone over UK further to ongoing riots in London and other British cities!

Satires are a form of telling a story. The following one tries to link London riots with what has been happening in Libya since the NATO bombing started in that country a few months ago now. Hundreds of young people are involved in the lawlessness situation that major cities in UK are experiencing since a few days. Continue reading