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Paul Kagame: 17 years of flawed policy of reconciliation between Hutus and Tutsis

Since 1994, the Rwandan government has requested and received billions of dollars to rebuild the country. Because of what had happened then, there was little left to bring back some sort of togetherness between Hutus and Tutsis. Paul Kagame, Rwandan president, playing on the guilt of the international community, has used the funds he got to pursue his own agendas. But officially he and his representatives go out explaining to the world that the money was being used effectively to develop the country and particularly reconcile the Rwandan communities. The famous Gacaca courts, Ingando programs, ongoing Intore initiatives and Rwandan Diaspora communities, have been all claimed to have been developed and funded in that official policy of reconciliation. Continue reading

China and Africa trade relations: Are we heading towards a neo-colonialism ‘Made in China’?

By Patrick Mbeko

The author of this essay describes the incumbent state of the economic and commercial relations between China and Africa. He goes on explaining what will probably happen if the appearing unbalance in the relationship is not reviewed rapidly, particularly on the African side. Some negative aspects in the prevailing and increasing trade have already emerged and are singled out.

China will forever be a friend, partner and brother to Africa! ‘, such are the remarks of the Chinese President Hu Jintao at the China – Africa business summit, which took place in 2006, during which the Chinese head of state stressed the need to establish a ‘win-win’ economic partnership and strengthen political relations with Africa. It must be said that unlike the West, China has no prior occupation or colonial wars, to be forgiven for; arguments that often come up in the speeches of Chinese leaders are well straightforward: China works to develop and expand a new type of strategic partnership with Africa, characterized politically by equality and mutual trust, cooperation being conducted in a ‘win-win’ spirit in the sectors of the economy and strengthening cultural joint programs. Continue reading

Ian Birrell in The Times: Stop the flow of cash to Rwanda’s despotic regime

The desperate desire for an aid success story has for too long blinded British leaders to Kagame’s wrongs

The British newspaper The Times published on Monday 23rd May the following elaborated comment from one of its readers, further to the recent developments of Rwandan state terrorism on UK soil. The views are a reflection of an increasing number of British people who over the years have gradually come to know the real Paul Kagame, the visionary African leader, as his Western friends call him. Continue reading

Rwanda: State terrorism tolerated for long by the international community

By Ghislain Mikeno – Translated from French by Ambrose Nzeyimana

In recent days, the news in the Great Lakes is dominated by revelations of the British press saying that the police in that country has warned some Rwandan nationals living in London about death threats against them and from Paul Kagame’s regime. These revelations have been confirmed by some of the targeted individuals themselves, be it in interviews on radio or television giving details and displaying written statements from security officials. Continue reading

African underdevelopment explained: the real culprits

We hear all the time about theories to explain reasons why Africa is being economically left behind by the rest of the world. The majority of analysts, if not all, blame Africans for their failure to manage effectively their own affairs. An image to highlight and enhance such understanding of incompetence and hopelessness has been portrayed throughout history by the West. But at no time has anyone particularly pointed to the real culprits of African underdevelopment. Please read the following information to understand better what has been going on. Continue reading